Free Tools Like Photoshop

Like Photoshop? Must have Free Tools when traveling often

If you like to travel you must be carrying a camera around you. To seize the moments and not only live them once but to capture them in the eye of our camera. Just to reminisce the moment, even when it has passed. The reason why more and more people love to click photographs. But when a photo isn’t as per the expectations we must be looking forward to the best tool that could do justice to the image. That is the Adobe Photoshop. Who isn’t acquainted or haven’t heard of the Photoshop before?

Not only that when you are traveling or on the go consistently, and are a designer or photographer. You always require a free tool other than Photoshop that can be available on the go. Accessible any time from anywhere, that is what you seek.

Free Tools Like Photoshop:

So we have delved the Internet for you and have sketched a list below of the must to have photoshop editing tools that will make things easier.

  • Lunapic
  • Pixlr Editor
  • Adobe Photoshop Express


Lunapic is like online photoshop free which is probably that one tool that will never fail to disappoint you. Be it the features, or the tools that it has to offer. More than that it is the simplicity and easiness that it has to offer to the users which never makes them disinterested.
The interface isn’t complexed, rather things are amalgamated between the Photoshop and web app. Which keeps things interesting for the users and make it what it is.
Features and tools are all that any other editor may have to offer or that any desktop graphics program may carry. First choice of mine as an editing tool for you.

Pixlr Editor:

Possibly whenever you hear the working editor, Pixlr is the first thing that pops into our minds. It is the fame of the editor that reached everyone. And has become the first choice photo editor of most users. The interface, and the set of tools, just never fail to do justice to the fame it has garnered for itself.
The filters and advanced tools never let you down, making your photos look magnificent and beautifying them like never before. It exceeds the expectations of users. And Works well with an internet connection and can be installed via the Play store or Appstore on your Smartphone. So you can carry this editor with you every time you are on the go.

Photoshop Express:

We all know nothing can take the place of Photoshop and not even everybody will be willing to pay the charges Photoshop charges to lend its services. So what should you be doing? You should be working on getting your hands on the Photoshop Express. Which is a custom Photoshop alternative developed by Adobe for those who require Photoshop but can’t pay for that?
The editor is similar to Photoshop, however, offers lesser tools and features as compared to the Photoshop.


These are the tools that you can carry with you when traveling. Use them for work or personal gains, and suffice your needs for the photo editing. Shape your photographs in a way like never before. Create graphics out of nothing, or edit the existing images, I leave that up to you.

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