Radar Detectors

How to Choose Right Radar Detectors

With every passing day, the potential buyers are introduced to more options for radar detectors. Interestingly but not surprisingly, every manufacturer claims to have introduced a cluster of innovative, fascinating and more functional features in the product. A galaxy of options comes with both pros and cons. You can easily switch between choices but at the same time, may feel perplexed to make a decision. And yes, make sure to visit bestofspecs.com for price and specification comparison.

All the required features are less likely to be found in a single model. Choosing the right radar detector is a challenge and you need to consider several factors. The followings are three simple tips to help you make the right choice that fit your needs in the best possible way.

Choose detectors covering bands used in your state

Each state uses a particular type of radar gun. The consumers always tend to go for the latest models. If any of these is not used in your state, you must not buy it. It needs a little bit of research on your part about which models are permissible in your state and make a choice accordingly. It could be anything from K, Ka, Pop3 Ka, X and Laser.

After you find out the bands used in your state, it will be easy to narrow your choices right down to the radar detectors covering those bands. What if you travel to other states often? In that case, you should pick up a detector covering a wider number of bands. Alternatively, you can buy multiple radar detectors.

Review the radar detectors

Customers’ reviews provide good guidelines for the potential buyers. If you go through the reviews on your selected radar detectors, you will get to know which of these will serve your purpose. Furthermore, you can also tally the features and prices. Such comparison will help you find out the best model as per your budget.

Review sites on radar detectors are all over the internet. They do side-by-side comparisons to help the buyers make the right choice. After you choose a particular model, look at the price comparison chart to get the best deal.

Install the detector

Internet serves as the gold mine of information. A great deal of information is just a few clicks away. However, it is important to visit the most authentic sites for reviews on the radar detectors. Three points are most important to consider while buying a detector – effectiveness, if it is permitted in your state and price.

Once you buy it, the next step is about installation. Some radar detectors are simple to install as you need to plug one into a socket. However, the process is not so simple for the rest. These require hidden wiring planted throughout your car. It is less likely for anyone to install concealed wiring. Therefore, leave the job to an experienced car audio dealer in your locality.


It is important to remember that you will not be invisible following radar detector installation. The radar detector will also not enable you to drive faster. You must not allow yourself to get distracted while being behind the wheel and should obey the traffic rules. However, the radar detector will be of great help to avoid abrupt changes in speed limit. It will also remind you about the speed traps.

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