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What are Domain Authority and Page Authority?


Domain Authority

Developed by Moz, Domain authority refers to search engine ranking score that predicts a website’s ranking on the search engine result pages. The score of the DA ranges on a wide scale from one to 100, with a higher score predicting a greater chance to appear on the top ranks of the SERPs.

Multiple factors are taken into account to calculate DA score. These factors include the number of total links and linking root domains. The score is used to compare different websites or track the ‘ranking strength’ of a particular website over time.

You can view domain authority of a website by using MozBar (it’s a free Chrome extension), the search engine result page analysis part of Keyword Explorer, Link Explorer, and several other SEO tools are easily available across the web.

Remember that DA does not refer to any metric that Google uses to determine the search engine ranking of a website and produces no effect on the search engine result pages.

Page Authority

Developed by Moz, page authority refers to a score that accurately predicts how well a particular page will rank on the SERPs. Like DA, PA also ranges from one to 100 and a higher score predicts greater ability to be a top ranked.  

PA is calculated on the basis of data sourced from the web index. Dozens of factors including Link Domain Authority which utilizes a machine-learning model to figure out the algorithm that best relates to the rankings across the SERPs, are used to calculate the Page Authority score.

Differences between the Domain Authority and Page Authority

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Differences between DA and PA can be discussed from various perspectives. For this article, we have restricted our discussion to main areas carrying more relevance for SEO campaigns. An important difference between these two is DA predicts the authoritative strength of the entire domain whereas PA is relevant to the authoritative strength of only a particular page on the domain.

Here are some more features of both the authority types to help you learn more differences between them.

Strategies and Effects of Domain Authority

  • Work hard to create high-quality inbound links and contents.
  • Eliminate bad links referring to your website.
  • Have patience and the DA will increase automatically.

Strategies and Effects of Page Authority

  • Create a page on a high authority domain.
  • Make sure to create high quality, relevant, original and catchy content.
  • Ensure that your webpage is fully functional as well as optimized for search engine optimization.
  • Include internal linking both to and from your page.
  • Get plenty of inbound links that are of high quality in terms of link relevance and source authority. These links should point to the particular page.
  • Eliminate bad links pointing to your chosen webpage.

Killing Two Birds with a Single Stone

Working on DA brings better prospects in the long run. If you can wait, it will earn you a larger pool of inbound traffic as you are spending time and effort for improving ranking potentials of multiple pages at the same time. DA demands a significant share of your patience and focus.