Screen Recorder to Measure the Employee Performance

Mobile & PC Screen Recorder to Measure the Employee Performance

Business organizations these days have got their interest to measure the employee’s performance within the working hours. Employers actually want to know the activities of the employees and as well as they want to evaluate productivity. Moreover, business owners want to ensure that employees are fulfilling the demand within the given time. Businesses provide employees with contemporary technology to meet the challenges of the industry in the shape of mobile phones and PCs.

However, an employee, on the other hand, gets involved in the activities that are times wasting and pretends as they are working honestly within the 8 working hours. But it does not look as easy as employers think about it. However, since modern technology has made its way to the next level it has become quite easy to measure the employees’ performance using Mobile & PC screen recorder software. It is quite difficult to choose the best tool to track employee’s activities on the cell phone and computer screen owned by the company.

Install cell phone & computer monitoring app


The very first crucial step that you need to take is to install the mobile phone and PC monitoring app on the target devices of your employees. But initially, you have to perform a couple of steps to get your hands on the best employee monitoring tool in order to monitor the screen of employee’s performance. Let’s discuss all the steps you need to take in order to get the screen recording app for cellphone & computer devices.

Step1: Subscribe for cellphone & PC surveillance software

The very first thing you need to do is to visit the official website of the employee monitoring app. Then you need to subscribe to the cellphone and PC tracking software. Once you have done it then you will receive credentials such as passcode and ID. Now all you need to do is to get physical access to the target device.

Step2: Start with the installation process

Once you have got the physical possession of the targeted device of your employees then you need to get started with the installation process. Once the end user has ended up with the installation process then you need to activate it on the target device. However, when you are dealing with the activation process you will have a pop –up the message on the target cell phone or computer screen. It will empower you to measure employee’s performance. Moreover, you can skip the pop-up and activate tracking software for employees.

Step3: Use credentials and get access to web portal

Now it is the right time to use the passcode and ID and get access to the web portal and further get access to the powerful tools that allow the user to use the mobile phone and PC screen recording tools. Let’s discuss the cell phone and computer spy software screen recording tool. Let’s take a look in the following.


Cell phone spy app: Live screen recording

The user can use the tools of employee spying software and can use live screen recording tools of the best mobile spy app. It will empower the user to record the live screen activities happen on the target cell phone screen of the employees within the working hours. The user can make short videos of the screen back to back and further view the recorded videos having access to the online control panel. The user can record the screen activities in term of trendy social media apps screen recording, Chrome screen recording, YouTube screen recording, Email screen recording, SMS screen recording and last but not the least password chaser.

Computer monitoring app: screen recording tool

The user can use the screen recording tool of the computer spy app for Mac and can make back to back short videos of the screen. Then you can easily get access to all the screen recorded videos of your employee MAC desktop or laptop device and can view the videos recorded. So, ultimately, you will be able to know what your employees are doing on the company’s owned device and you can measure the employee’s performance.


Cellphone and PC screen recorder is the ultimate and reliable tool to evaluate your employees work performance with complete time stamp and accuracy.  

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