Hello friends, this tutorial is all about how to increase the speed of your windows. Generally many users complain that their  windows is running to slow or it takes lot of time to start up. So today I will show you how to speed up your windows. Just follows some simple steps it is very easy.


Step 1 :- open start menu and type msconfig then hit enter.


Step 2 :- now system configuration is open then choose the “boot” options.

Now check the “No GUI boot” options and change the time into 3 sec,  then click on the advanced options.


Step 3 :- Then in advanced options you check the no of processor options and select 2,   and also check the Maximum memory option and click  ok.


Step 4 :- After that you move services tab and uncheck the following applications.

-Application Expierence 
– Computer Browser 
– Diagnostic Policy Service 
– Distributed Link Tracking Client 
– IP Helper 
– Offline Files 
– Portable Device Enumerator Service
– Print Spooler 
– Protected Storage 
– Remote Registry 
– Tablet PC Input Service 
– TCP /IP NetBIOS Helper

 2 4



Step 5 :- now move on Startup menu and uncheck everything EXCEPT all of your core drivers and services…

Then at last click ok and restart the windows.



you can also do one another thing.. just delete all temporary files.  

Step 1 :- go to run and type %temp% and hit enter

Then it will open all the temporary files which allocates so many space of our System, just select all these files delete it.


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