Convert Dynamic Disk to Basic

Convert Dynamic Disk to Basic Disk Using CMD

Convert Dynamic Disk to Basic

Hello guys, today in this tutorial I will show how to convert Dynamic disk to basic drive. Before going to this let me explain about Dynamic Disk and basic Disk. Basic disk is supported by all operating System where Dynamic disks are only supported by Windows 2000, XP Professional, Windows Server 2003, Vista Ultimate, Vista Enterprise, Windows 7, and Windows Server 2008. Basic Drives can have up to 4 MBR primary partitions or 3 MBR primary partitions. Dynamic Drives can have up to 2000 dynamic volumes that function like a primary partition used in basic drives.

Basic disks cannot share or split data with other primary or logical partitions. Generally Dynamic Disk is used in a Server System and the basic Disk is used as hard disk.

Hard disks are basic disks by default, including removable disks and disks on a laptop.

Note :- Removable disks cannot be converted to a dynamic disk.

And the most important thing is you lost your data’s while convert dynamic disk to basic disk. Before doing this you must sure to create the backup of your data.

Step 1 :- Open CMD and type diskpart to open the diskpart console then write the following code.

Step 2 :-  Then list disk and press enter. 

Step 3 :- Type select disk 1 and press enter

Step 4:- Type delete volume and press enter

              This command is used to delete the volume.

Step 5:- Repeat steps 3 and 4 for each volume  listed. In this ways delete all the volume which are in the list.

Step 6 :- after done step 5 then type select disk 1 and hit enter.

Step 7 :- type convert basic

Convert Dynamic Disk to Basic
Dynamic Disk to Basic Disk Using CMD

 Convert Dynamic Disk to Basic

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