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Why good web design is essential to online success

When your business makes its foray into the internet world, designing and developing a website is usually the first step. Why is good web design so crucial and what should it include?

As technology evolves, so does the expectation of the consumer when viewing websites and their performance. It is vital that your website evolves with technology and offers outstanding usability.

A website is fundamental to your business, providing a shop window on the internet for your customers; therefore, it is vital that your website is designed properly to create a good first impression with potential customers.

Design and usability

When developing a website, the importance of great design over usability can sometimes cause catastrophic results, with users unable to engage with a site. Design and usability must complement each other – a website should not only look aesthetically outstanding but also provide everything a user is searching for clearly.

You can lose a visitor within two seconds if they cannot correctly access your website. Measures such as stop colors and design elements can improve usability and help your site to flourish.

User journeys and navigation

Navigation is one of the most important considerations when building a website. Map the customer’s journey through your website and decide the most efficient route, discussing this with a web designer along the way. A company specializing in web design in Teddington could help you with the most effective navigation and overall feel and look of your site, which will prove extremely valuable for your business.


Becoming a household name and building a brand is the aim of all companies, with a large proportion of website traffic driven by brand-related searches; however, you must take the first step in building your brand in the online world and a website is the best start.

Talk about brand uniformity and branding with a firm specializing in web design in Teddington to discuss how to ensure customers are engaged with your business. When it comes to successful web design, branding is of vital importance.

Call to action

All online businesses should have a call to action (CTA), whether to pick up the phone, enquire using email, or purchase online. A talented web designer will help you to create beneficial calls to action throughout your website to ensure users enquire or purchase on your site. They will have experience of which CTAs work effectively and which do not; therefore, utilizing this knowledge will you’re your brand enormously.

Search engine optimization

Hiring a web designer with expert knowledge of search engine optimisation (SEO) is essential. This will provide you with the peace of mind upon which a website that focuses on search engines is built, giving your business an increased chance of success with search providers such as Bing and Google.

Ask the web designer about their knowledge of SEO and what steps they will take to make sure your website is prepared for search engines. This is pivotal for your website’s success.

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