Trending WhatsApp Tricks

Trending WhatsApp Tricks You Should Know About!

WhatsApp’s frequent new updates and features make it one of the most popular means of communication. There are lots of tips and tricks you can benefit from and you WhatsApp in ways you have never used before. What’s more, there is a WhatsApp spying app too! All you need to be is in the know!

Customize your text:

With WhatsApp’s new feature, you can add a flair of typographical emphasis to your text. The new feature allows customization of your text with bold, italic and strikethrough effects. Sometimes, some words or phrases need to be emphasized and CAPS LOCK doesn’t do the job that well. What’s more, WhatsApp also has the ability to type with one of the oldest font, FixedSys that was used for the first time in Windows 1.0, in 1985.

Here is how you can use these features. For both iOS and Android: Add an asterisk on both sides of the word or phrase to make it *bold*. If you want to write something in italic, add underscore on either side of the phrase/word to make it _italic_. For ~strikethrough ~, simply add tildes on either side.

Send Location:

Giving someone directions and making them understand becomes difficult at times. So, if you are trying to gather your friends to meet somewhere and they aren’t familiar with the area, you could send them a pin of your current location so they can easily reach you using maps. The new feature of sharing the ‘live location allows your friends to track you while you are on your way. You could broadcast your location for 15 minutes, an hour or over 8 hours as well. You can select the ‘stop sharing’ option when you want to stop broadcasting your location to your friends.

For iOS, click on the + icon to the left of the chat and select Location. You will get all of the options aforementioned. Although, you will have to allow WhatsApp to know your location when you wish to use the Live Location feature. For Android, choose the location feature by tapping on the Attach menu. Same procedure needs to be followed.

Privately sending public messages:

If you want to ask several of your friends a question but do not want to carry out the conversation in a group chat, you could broadcast the message to the contacts you want to which would appear as if you have asked them individually. Here’s how you can do it.

For iOS: Chats> Broadcast Lists> New List> Add Contacts. For Android: Chats > Menu> New Broadcast.

Tap into someone’s WhatsApp secretly:

You can tap into someone’s WhatsApp with an efficient WhatsApp spying app, Xnspy. This app needs to be installed on the phone you wish to monitor. As a result, the app will fetch you all the WhatsApp data from chat details to the images and videos shared on the instant messaging app. If you wish to monitor someone’s WhatsApp whether they own an Android or iOS device, it is completely possible with Xnspy WhatsApp spying app. It runs on stealth mode in the background so that monitored person has no way of knowing that they are being monitored. Xnspy is quite the package if you are looking to tap into someone’s phone. Not only does it get you the details about WhatsApp but monitors text messages, calls, social media activity, emails, and browser history. It really works!

Know when your messages were read:

When you chat with a single person, the grey ticks turn blue when the recipient has seen the message. On the other hand, those grey ticks go blue only when every member of the group has read the message. But there is a way of knowing if someone is ignoring your message on purpose.

For iOS, swipe left on the message regarding which you want the details. For Android, hold down on the message that you have sent and select information. These steps will get you the details of who has read the message and when and to whom it has been delivered. This feature works with individual chats as well.

If you hadn’t known about these WhatsApp tricks before, you could try them now and have fun using the app!

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