Top Five Best Android Apps

Top Five Best Android Apps of All Time

We are not sure how many of you can imagine an Android experience without the right apps. In the course of time, the collection of Android apps has grown beyond expectations. As of now, there are millions of apps in Play Store itself. All along, however, there have been some Android apps that made Android experience a lot better. In this article, we will have a look at top five best Android apps of all time. We have made a list of five apps that still deserve a space in your Android device. Shall we check them out, then?

#1 WhatsApp Messenger

WhatsApp Messenger, commonly known as WhatsApp, is one of the best Android apps of all time. It started as an easy way to communicate between friends via Internet, using mobile number as the identifier. Now, it offers voice calls, group chats, video calls and even payment exchange. It also has to be noted that WhatsApp has an impressive user-base as of now, and it makes one of the must-have communication apps for Android. WhatsApp Messenger is practically free to use, and it has apps available for other platforms as well. You can also use it on PC/Mac via WhatsApp Web.

#2 Xender

Xender has made multi-device data transfer easier than ever before. This app lets you transfer data between another Android, iPhone or PC using a Wi-Fi Hotspot. It’s quite easy to use and has been one of the favorite apps of commons and pros alike. The best part is that you can also send applications, as easily as you send a bunch of media files and photos. Compared to Bluetooth, it offers several times speed, which is great. Also, it doesn’t require an Internet connection; instead, it relies on Wi-Fi connection to go. Of course, this means to ensure your data transfer is protected, you should use a VPN router to secure your Wi-Fi.  Hence, Xender is another must-install app for sure.

#3 Tasker

Despite being a wonderful Operating System, Android doesn’t do much when it comes to automation. Tasker fixes that in an amazing manner. If you are looking for in-device automation, you should try Tasker. You can create some best Tasker profiles and enhance the overall experience. For instance, you can trigger Tasker to launch the music player when you plug in the headphones. Similarly, you can turn on Location services when you open Google maps. If you have a rooted Android device, there are some extra controls as well. It doesn’t matter if you are new or experienced with automation, Tasker is for you.

#4 Nova Launcher

Nova Launcher comes with a pre-installed launcher. Unless you are using an Android One device or a Pixel, chances are that you have an OEM-based one. However, there are times when the in-built launchers are really not good. At those instances, Nova Launcher is one of the best options. That is also the reason why the app is one of the best Android apps of all time. You can customize the home-screen according to your needs and choose the right designs. There are also different themes you can check out while using the app. Altogether, it makes sense to replace the in-built launcher with Nova Launcher.

#5 Kindle

Kindle from Amazon is surely one of the best Android apps of all time. It lets you read your favorite books in a simple way. You can sign in using the Amazon account all the books you purchased would be synced. You may think Google Play Books is a better option; it may be better in case of customization, as a matter of fact. But, with Kindle, you have a better collection of books to depend on. Multi-device syncing and options such as dictionary are worth going for. If you are someone who reads books digitally, you should consider having Kindle in your device.

Well, these are indeed some of the best five Android apps of all time. The best part is, all of them are regularly updated and secure to use. So, if you don’t have them installed already, make sure you do it now.

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