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Top 6 Tools for Content Marketing

The way of doing marketing has changed. Now marketing experts have many roles: blogger, copywriter, designer, SEO, analyst, etc. Content marketing is one of the most powerful weapons that currently exist to acquire new customers and retain those old customers. To reach users effectively, it is essential that you offer them original and quality content. Therefore, it is extremely important that you develop a Content Marketing strategy. Thus, you have to look for the necessary and indicated tools to achieve your goals and reach your target audience. This post will present you six tools that will be very useful when creating your marketing campaigns.


Tools to search for sources


Feedly is one of those tools that, once you start using it, it will be hard to imagine your life without it. At least that’s how it has happened to some marketers. This tool is very useful to read RSS feeds. Thanks to the fact that it allows you to organize content by categories or theme, according to your own criteria, it will be easier for you to have adequate sources of information located, which will inspire you to create new content. Is any content marketing strategy worth its salt must have good and reliable sources of information, and if once found, we have them well organized, much better?


“What do we eat today?” Surely it happens to you often that you are lazier to decide what you will eat than to start cooking, right? Well, the same happens when we start creating content. Choosing the topic that a post, an infographic, or a video will talk about can be almost more complicated than preparing such material. Of course, if we have a good content marketing strategy, we will already know where the shots should go, but it is still not easy. If we knew, for example, what our competition is talking about, or the topics that interest our target audience the most, it would be very useful to guide us, and that’s where Buzzsumo comes in. It allows you to search for authors, sources and content, whether they are photos, infographics, posts or videos. We will be able to find out the content that has generated the most debate and the most that has been shared on social networks. We can also see various metrics segmented on the content, discover new “influencers,” and access statistics about them and export it to an Excel document. Shall we start to use it? 


How angry it is when we find an interesting article on the Internet but we don’t have time to read it at that moment, and when later, we try to remember where we saw it, we have already forgotten! To prevent this from happening, here comes Pocket, a free application available for iOS and Android, which allows us to save all the posts and news that interest us to read them later. You can collect content from Twitter, images, videos, websites, etc. And then after reading, you can choose to save, bookmark or delete them. It has a perfect reading mode to avoid distractions and allows you to change the screen’s brightness or listen to the posts, perfect for those who read from mobile devices.


Tools to create audiovisual content

The best option to create audiovisual content is to go to professionals: graphic designers, photographers, experts in audiovisual communication, etc. But if what we want is to do something simple and we want to try doing it ourselves, there are tools designed to help us. One of them is, which, as its name suggests, is a tool for creating infographics. If infographics aren’t part of your content marketing strategy yet, I don’t know what you’re waiting for. They are the easiest way to capture data in a very attractive, simple and visual way. Infogr. offers us up to 30 different types of graphs and a spreadsheet that makes editing the data and modifying the graphs a simple task. You can also import the data from XLS, XLSX, CSV files, etc. Once finished, you can download them both in PNG and PDF.


Videos and other audiovisual content are the most successful right now on social networks, so you must consider including videos in your content marketing strategy. To make simple explainer videos for your company, there are several tools that you can use, such as FlexClip. This free tool allows us to create all kinds of videos, such as: Tutorial videos, Educational videos, Promo videos, etc. Additionally, it offers the ability to add voiceovers, watermark, custom transitions, duration settings, and other effects, such as slow motion. You don’t need to waste your time collect video templates. FlexClip offers you vast royal-free stock resources like video templates, images and music.


Get the most out of your content marketing strategy using tools created to make your life easier. With Thinglink, you can add links to videos and images and create interactive sites, infographics, maps, photo albums, presentations, thus creating interactive graphics that contain a series of points with multimedia information. It helps companies to increase engagement with their target audience and convert them into real customers.



The main thing is to consider that there are many ways to get the content to engage with the public, but the presentation and quality will always be fundamental. That is all for today. Thousands of tools are waiting for us on the web, and only by testing them can we see to what extent it would be useful to include them in our content marketing strategy. We hope this post has been very useful to you. Do not hesitate to tell us in the comments which are your favorite tools and why.


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