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Tips for Choosing between PC and Mac for Graphic Design

Image editing and graphic design are tasks that require a significant amount of computing power. Professional designers and editors who want to get a job done without any lagging should invest in a great computer.

Most computer buyers would have a quick look at the specs before making a decision. But designers and artists have another challenge to tackle: choosing between a PC and a Mac. If you are a lifelong PC user, you might be inclined to go for a PC. However, it’s really best to stop and think about which type of computer would serve you the best in your career.

Here are several things to consider when deciding whether to buy a Mac or a PC for image editing, graphic design, or video editing:

Consider Industry Norms

Macs are highly preferred in the design industry by businesses as well as schools. Some graphic design schools even require students to buy Macs before coming to class. If you work at an office, the company computers may be Macs. Top graphics designers commonly even recommend MacBook Pros to aspiring artists. In this environment, you can consider going with industry norms and buying a Mac right away.

But there could be several reasons why you might still want to get a PC instead. Read on to learn more.

Think about Your Niche

As a graphic designer or an editor, do you work in a particular niche within the industry, such as gaming, photography, or fashion? While Macs are common in the design industry overall, PCs dominate certain categories. Mainly, PCs are widely used in the gaming industry, more so than Macs. If you work in gaming or a related niche, you might want to go with a PC.

Macs are commonly used in music, thanks to the MacOS-specific software such as GarageBand, iTunes, and Apple Music services. The latter two are now available in PCs, of course.

PCs Have More Software Programs Available

PCs, in general, have a lot more software available compared to Macs. The problem with Macs is that the software tends to be very specific and not widely compatible. PCs are globally used, so you can also enjoy wider compatibility. New PCs now come preinstalled with Microsoft 365, which enables worldwide file sharing without the need for downloading. If you require higher compatibility levels, especially with software, you may want to consider buying a PC. But as mentioned above, keep your niche in mind.

Which OS is Best for Design Software?

Macs used to have better graphics design software, but the playing field has largely leveled over the years. These days, you won’t find any major differences between software programs available for Macs and PCs. Either OS may dominate niche industries, but overall, you will generally find commonly-used design programs like Adobe Photoshop and InDesign available for both operating systems.

Macs have the Upper Hand with Color and Type

Design largely hinges on choosing the right color, font type, and other aesthetic properties of graphics. Apple has won out in this area with Macs. The macOS computers are definitely better when it comes to the availability and handling of colors and fonts. This is not to say that PCs do a poor job when it comes to these aspects. PCs are suitable for color handling, but you may have to spend quite a bit on a good monitor.

The Bottom Line

Both Macs and PCs have their strengths and weaknesses when it comes to graphic design and image editing. With Macs, the biggest downside is the price. A MacBook Pro can set you back a couple of thousand dollars or more. PCs are generally less expensive.

Factor in all of the above points in your decision when choosing a Mac or a PC for graphics purposes. Overall, neither offers a greater advantage over the other. However, it’s the minor factors that make all the difference.  


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