SSL/ TLS Protected Websites

How SSL/ TLS Protected Websites Improve Customer Experience

Studies show that user experience is expected to overtake price and product as the Key Brand Differentiator in 2020. Hence, every company should pay keen attention to the capacity of SSL/ TLS protected websites to improve customer experience.

What does an SSL Certificate mean for Your Website?

Used by millions of websites daily, SSL (Secure Socket Layer) applies encryption to secure traffic on the internet and protect sensitive customer information. Moreover, an SSL authenticates that the site you’re visiting is the actual genuine site. It’s visible as a padlock and an “HTTPS” protocol on the address bar.

SSL certificate will be issued by Domain control validation or verifying business entity process that may involve thorough automated domain validation or full business control validation.  

Domain Validation (DV) SSL certificate requires automated domain control validation to migrate your site into HTTPS protocol, whereas identity verification of your company can be possible through Organisation validation SSL certificate.

Domain validation, as well as Rigorous business identity verification, offers high assurance and fully trusted site with the use of Extended Validation SSL certificate.

If you want to secure your single website then, DV SSL is the best option. Wildcard SSL certificate is an ideal solution to secure communications of your multiple sub-domains, Whereas, If your business has multiple websites, then SSL/TLS protection can be possible with Multi-Domain SSL Certificate for improved Web security and earning customer’s trust & business ROI.

business runs over multiple websites or subdomains then improve your customers experience with multi-domain SAN SSL certificate

SSL certificate establishes encrypted connections from your web server to your clients’ browser through three key ways:

    • Preventing 3rd parties from intercepting, tracking and stealing data from your website visitors’ activity.
    • Preserving data integrity by preventing transferred files from being corrupted.
    • Establishing trustworthiness of your website through an authentication process.


How SSL/ TLS Protected Websites Improve Customer Experience

The data protection provided by SSL transforms the way customers interact with and perceive your website.

  1. Website users don’t get unwanted intrusive ads and cookies

Without SSL, an ISP or Hotspot can inject content onto your site, including extra cookies and ads. Apart from the fact that you wouldn’t be getting paid for such ads, users on your website would be irritated by the intrusive content. They might not realize that such content doesn’t come from your website server, giving them a bad perception of your site.

  1. Your clients avoid phishing attacks

Phishing attacks often spoof target sites. However, phishers can’t reproduce your company’s EV SSL certificate, making it possible to quickly differentiate a spoof website from the genuine one. This saves your clients from suffering phishing attacks that masquerade as your company.

  1. SSL ensures user privacy

Users can be assured that their sensitive information on your SSL protected website won’t be leaked or intercepted. This is because SSL authentication and encryption secure connections between clients and your website server. This way, clients would be more willing to provide detailed personal information and frequently use your website.

  1. Clients enjoy uninterrupted service delivery

As SSL secures your website, email communications, email to server connections and server to server connections, it ensures continuity of business operations. This means clients would also enjoy continuous service delivery without any interruption. They will come to trust your company to always be reliable and dependable.

Definitely, the money you invest into buying an SSL certificate will provide positive customer experience.

How Improved Customer Experience Benefits Your Company

The improved customer experience due to an SSL protected website can, in turn, give you an edge over your competitors, particularly in an environment of cut-throat business competition.

  1. Customer trust

Customers are increasingly aware of the serious security issues affecting major companies. This means they would rather trust a company with adequate online security than risk being affected by a major online attack.

Providing adequate online security for your site shows that you value your clients’ data. This is critical since 68 percent of customers will abandon your site if they perceive you don’t care about them.

  1. Customer loyalty

To retain long-term clients, preventing them from abandoning you for your competitors, you should have adequate security on your site. Such security should be clearly visible to clients, which is achieved by having an SSL trust seal on all pages of your website.

  1. Competitive edge

Especially if your competitors’ sites aren’t secure, having an SSL protected site can give you the competitive edge you need. Prospective clients will find your company more trustworthy than others, even when they come across your business for the first time.

  1. Company credibility

Credible and reputable brick-and-mortar firms are located in secure neighborhoods. So also, in the online world, reputable and credible websites have adequate security. Such credibility can boost your brand image.

  1. Increased customer traffic from recommendations

72% of Customers share positive experiences they have with 6 or more people. Hence, customers who use your site without any security issues can share their experience with friends and acquaintances. This is particularly valuable for the large-scale use of social networking sites, whereby customer recommendations can go viral.

  1. Increased subscribers

Getting email subscribers is a crucial step in getting leads into your sales funnel. To get such subscribers you need to collect personal details like names and email addresses of your clients, which they’ll be more willing to provide if your website has an SSL certificate.

  1. Increased website SERP ranking

Having observed other Google ranking factors, simply acquiring an SSL certificate can improve your website’s ranking by 1%. Obviously, the impact of an SSL certificate cannot be underestimated, especially since HTTPS sites take up 50 percent of Google’s page one organic search, yet only 1 percent of the top million websites use HTTPS.

That’s not all. As people trust SSL protected sites more, they click through such sites on SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages). They also stay longer on the sites due to the perceived trustworthiness. These two aspects further improve your website’s SERP rankings.

As your website’s SERP ranking improves, you’re sure to benefit from traffic from the 75 percent of users who don’t scroll beyond page one.

One of Google’s ranking factors is site speed; hence, HTTPS websites have an advantage due to their faster loading speed compared to HTTP sites.

  1. Increased sales

Simply by implementing an SSL certificate, Ukandu eCommerce experienced a 50 percent sales increase. Therefore, you should think to use SSL certificate for your site by considering the aspect of improved customer experience.


Customers require secure connections before disclosing sensitive credit or bank account details, which is why about 84% of website users abandon purchases over insecure connections.

Overall, the benefit of an SSL protected site not only improves customer experience but also enhances business growth and sales.

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