setup vpn windows 7



Before going to this let me explain little bit about VPN. Friends, VPN stands for “Virtual Private Network”. it facilitates to access a private network such as school or college wifi across a public network, over Internet. It gives permission to a user to send and receive data over public networks. A VPN connection is similar to the wide Area Network over internet.

In VPN we uses a proxy server to connect with them and open any blocked web site’s. VPN is very much useful when your college or any public wifi blocked social site and you are unable to access it, at that time VPN is key point for you to such a social networking site. Lets follow some simple steps which I will show you to setup vpn windows 7 …


Step 1 :- Open  network and sharing center by right click on wifi network.

 setup vpn windows 7


Step 2 :-  then choose the “set up a new connection or network”

setup vpn windows 7

Step 3 :- then select the connect to a workplace options.

setup vpn windows 7

Step 4 :- After that choose use my Internet connection (VPN)

 setup vpn windows 7


Step 5:- Then write the internet address or destination name then click create .

Here we set internet address :-

And destination name :- ways2hack

 setup vpn windows 7

Note :- (is a internet address or proxy server) and way2hack is destination name or you set any name according to your choice.


Now you see the VPN server is created, you can connect with these server and open any blocked webpage.


Note :-  this is a pxoxy server..

1 .    User:vpnus4781

pw: WVbFetQa




  1. server :-

        User :- Free

        Password :- 1234   


This is also a free  vpn you can use it, or you can also take the help of google to search more VPN.



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