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Remote Recruitment during the Covid-19 crisis

The role of recruitment software in mitigating the effects of the global Covid-19 crisis

The global situation regarding the pandemic means that enormous changes have had to take place to ensure social distancing rules. However, recruitment software can be used to carry out recruitment procedures during the crisis.

In the current situation, many businesses have had to make changes to the way they operate, with staff having to work from home wherever possible. Businesses and entire industries are having to find different ways of operating, including the recruitment element. However, the right software packages ensure that carrying out recruitment procedures can easily be managed in a remote way, keeping staff, recruiters and candidates safe.

Cloud-Based Software

Using software that is cloud-based ensures that the recruitment team can access data and emails remotely, allowing staff to work as a team on recruitment projects without needing to go into an office. Tasks can be done at any time, allowing staff to keep up to date with recruiters and candidates and also with one another.

Synchronised Accounts

Being able to synchronise diaries and emails with the recruitment solution means that your work schedules and tasks can be easily organised, allowing you to easily schedule emails, tasks and appointments making sure that other members of your team, candidates and recruiters are all kept up to date on deadlines and key dates with records that any authorised team members can access remotely as appropriate.

Customised Templates and Reports

Through using customised templates and reports, important documents are stored and can be used and adapted to suit each part of the recruitment process, ensuring that team members can issue documentation that is uniform and consistent with the brand and meets all the necessary legal requirements, ideal for when remote working practices mean different members of the team can’t all be in the same room together.

Finding Suitable Candidates

Finding suitable candidates remotely can be achieved with software that can broadcast the recruiters’ requirements in job descriptions and can match suitable candidates by scanning CVs to find suitable candidates. Some offer easy to use vacancy pages that can be loaded with the business logo and branding.

Modular Designs

The major benefit of using modular designs in recruitment software is the flexibility and scalability that it offers. With the ability to pay per user and add and remove desks when you choose, at a time when businesses are having to work differently in the current situation, there’s plenty of scope to make adjustments to meet working patterns and resource levels without having to commit to long-term changes that may not be needed when the current crisis is resolved.

Whether remote working arrangements mean that you need more or fewer desks, these can quickly and easily be re-adjusted when normal working practice can be resumed.

With full, any-time access to recruitment data and records and comprehensive communication access through emails, telephones and texts, recruitment packages can make remote working a perfectly viable option.

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