Hello guys in this tutorial we will see how to recover deleted data’s from harddisk , usb and memory cards. Some time’s many of user accidently deleted or lost their data’s from their hard disk, Pendrives and ,memory cards, these data’s may be includes yours important documents, projects or picture, videos it can may be any things at that time many of user face a lots to problem to recover their lost data’s. so my friends in this tutorial you definitely finds a relief from such types of  Problem ,

here I am introduce to you from the two types of software which helps lots to recover your deleted data’s the 1st is testdisk-6.14 and 2nd is rcsetup144. Ok this is a lots theory now its demo time..


Step 1 :- First you download testdisk-6.14  from the given links..

  For windows

For Linux

For Mac       

Step 2 : – After download Extract testdisk-6.14 and open photorec_win.exe  file which is present inside the  testdisk-6.14 directory.


Step 3 :- Now a DOS prompt type screen will appear in front of you which represents all yours computer Drives, select any one of drives which you want to recover deleted data’s and hit enter.


Step 4 :- Now select any one of options, here I will second option which is P NTFS and hit enter.


Step 5 :- Now other options and hit enter.


Step 6 :- Then select Free options and hit enter.


Step 7 :- Now select location where you want to recover deleted data’s, here inside testdisk directory I will choose Plugins folder and enter.


Step 8 :- Now it will ask if the directory is correct then Press “C” then you press “C” for continue.


Now data recovery process is started for stop these process press enter.


If you want see where your recover data’s are store then go to

Testdisk-6.14 – Plugins folder.



Second Method

Use Rcsetup144.exe or it is called “Recuva” Software.

First you download this software .This is easily find on google. Then install it and use to recover yours lost data’s.




Note :- There are many more software are also available on internet you can also use any of one according to choose.

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