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Reasons to Hide Your IP Address

There are many reasons to hide your IP address online. Before exploring those reasons, first, I will explain to you what an IP address is.

What is an IP Address? 

IP stands for internet protocol that appears in the form of a specific number. This number serves as the identification of your connection. It means that the IP address works as your online identity through which anyone can easily access your location. 

Moreover, with an IP address, anyone can also identify your device’s name through which you’re using the internet. 

Can I find My IP Address? 

Yes. You can find your IP Address. Here’s how to find your IP address: 

  • Go to your device’s settings 
  • Click the icon of your internet connection 
  • Select Properties 
  • The number next to the IPv4 address” or “IPv6 address” is your IP address. 

What is the best way to hide my IP Address? 

The best way to hide your IP Address is a VPN. It hides your real IP address and assigns you another IP address. For example, if you’re living in the USA and selects Canada as your server location, then you can use the VPN with Canada IP and no one can access your real IP address. 

You will use the internet with your VPN assigned IP and your real IP address will be safe in a shield that is provided by your VPN provider.  

A VPN also hides your online activities from your internet service provider. That’s why a VPN is the safest way to browse the web. 

Since you have got the idea of what an IP address is all about and how you can hide it. It’s time to figure out why you need to hide your IP address while browsing online. 

Can I Hide my IP Address using a Proxy Server? 

Yes. You can hide your real IP address using a proxy server. When you use a proxy server and browse the internet then all your visited websites will only read the IP that is assigned by your proxy server. Your accessed web servers will send information to your proxy servers and it will automatically reroute to you. 

But, using a proxy server is not a trusted option because these servers save your data and send you to customize ads. Plus, proxy servers also monitor your browsing activities and sell your data to marketers for profit. 

A paid VPN is a more trusted option to hide your IP address. 

Important Reasons to hide your IP Address 


  • Hides your browsing history from Internet Service Provider


Your ISP monitors everything that you visit online. In fact, if you’re accessing some sites in the incognito mode still your ISP can access it. 

Sometimes ISPs keep a record of all your browsing history which they may show to government officials when needed. Therefore, changing your IP is very important because it doesn’t allow your internet service provider to have access to all your online activities. 


  • Protects your data on Public Wi-Fi 

When you use public Wi-Fi, there are more chances of data loss because public Wi-Fi is generally not considered safe. There are unlimited hackers on public Wi-Fi that might attack your data. 

Hiding your IP address saves all your data. Your data travel online with the VPN protection, so no hacker can access or read it since it is covered under a strong shield of encryption.


  • Keep Marketers Away from You 

When you browse a website, marketers keep a record of your online activities by tracking your IP address. In this way, they better understand your interests and send you more customized ads. 

That’s one of the reasons that you see a bundle of ads on your social accounts. 

You should hide your IP address so that there will be no invasion of your privacy plus, these online marketers will no longer send you ads without your consent. 


  • Unblocks geo-blocked content 

Hiding your IP address also enables you to access geo-blocked content worldwide. There are certain streaming sites like Netflix that are region blocked. When you change your IP with a VPN, you appear online from your selected location and the content from that location gets unblocked for you. 

It happens because your VPN assigns you a new IP address of your selected location and websites fail to identify your real location. These sites only read your VPN assigned IP address.

You can freely access your favorite content from anywhere with no geo-location errors when you change your IP address with a VPN. 


  • Circumvent Network Restrictions 

Some private networks including schools and colleges impose restrictions on internet usage. Such restrictions bound you to access a lot of websites. You cannot even unblock useful sites that contain educational material. 

Hiding your IP address enables you to easily circumvent network restrictions in your office or educational institutes. It allows you to freely use the internet without any fear of being blocked or tracked by anyone. 


Wrapping UP 

Your IP address is your gateway to the internet and without it, you cannot browse the internet. An IP address is just like your identity and if someone access it, he can easily track your location, device and browsing history. 

The easy access of your information will lead to the data theft therefore, make sure that your internet access is safe and your IP address is well-protected. 

The best way to protect your IP address is to hide it from prying eyes which is only possible with a VPN. A VPN connection will mask your IP and you can freely browse the world of the internet with zero threats. 

I will recommend you to get yourself a high-quality VPN and use the internet with no restrictions and threats.

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