set themes in wordpress

How to set themes in WordPress

After installing the WordPress Application (Content management system)..the things come first is to design our website according to our wish. WordPress websites have endless opportunities..i.e you can design your website even like Facebook. Important.Important thing is that what topic your website covers.According to these topics thousands of predefined themes or…

difference between wordpress and blogger

Difference between WordPress and Blogger

The two most important and most popular web building applications and platforms are WordPress and Blogger.To make sites on these platforms requires no any technical knowledge at all.Only you need some basic knowledge regarding websites..but not to be worried if you have not these knowledge too..they are as simple as…

how to set themes in blogger

How to set themes in Blogger downloaded from outside

If you are using Blogger platform for your site and want to change the them then you might be aware of the  7 inbuilt templates.But,in the case you don’t like the default available themes.Then what to do ? How to set themes in Blogger from outside source ?? In wordpress..it’s very…

setup domain name in your server

How to setup domain name in your server

In this post, i am going to show that how to setup domain name in your server after taking Domain name and server from any server provider company,  by several steps below. Steps to setup domain name in your server Step 1.  Login in your cpanel by the given User…

WordPress SEO plugin

You have installed wordpress site and of course you are writing posts.. But what’s the benefit if  it’s not reaching to the thousands of people. You might be thinking about SEO for your site. But that’s the higher thing. At first you have to basic things. You should install a wordpress…

meta description

Meta description in wordpress

Meta description is always a hot topic for bloggers. But, many of them are not able to understand actually what is the work of meta description wordpress. Meta description is a search engine friendly tool in which important descriptions of any page is present along with the desired keyword of…

Installing Wordpress in your website

Installing WordPress in your website

In this post i am going to show that After attaching the Domain name to hosting server, if you type your domain name like (www.abc.com) and press enter then it will show the parking page of the domain name provider company. Steps to installing WordPress in your website Step 1….

Create logo online

Create logo online and upload in Blogger

Bored of texts in your header ?? Are you using blogger platform for your site ??Texts that you give as a title and description must be appearing there in the header of site.But,it doesn’t looks cool.So,you need to make a custom logo and upload it in your site. How to…

create sitemap wordpress

Create sitemap wordPress and submit to search engines

You have created your WordPress site and you are thinking that your site will be automatically submitted to the search engine.  Then let me tell you that you are absolutely wrong. Here, i will show you how to create sitemap wordpress. Search engines have their own directories and they can’t…

godaddy hosting server review

Godaddy Hosting Server Review before purchase

Taking a hosting server is really a good decision if you own multiple sites. Also, you can have clients where you can host their websites and also you can charge your clients for hosting. Well..thinking for getting a hosting is not difficult. Most important thing is that from where to…