Best GIF Maker Apps

5 Best GIF Maker Apps for Android, iOS and PC

Graphics interchange Format also known as GIFs are commonly used as short animated or natural videos for humor on all social media sites. GIFs are the most popular medium to connect with friends and family on all social media websites. From YouTube, FaceBook, WhatsApp to Instagram – GIFs are being…

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Mac address changer

MAC Address Changer : Change MAC Address of Computer

Hello guys, Before going to this let me explain a little bit about Mac Address. A Mac address is a unique address of every computer which is uniquely represents any system over a network. So here in this tutorial I am using a MAC Address Changer i.e Macchanger utility of…

choose optimized keywords

Choose optimized Keywords for your website

Are websites new for you ?? Are You planning to start a blog to share your valuable ideas to the world ?? Here i am going to tell you to do the things you must do to before starting a blog.

how to get hosting for a website

How to get hosting for a website

Hosting is the place where the website’s content is stored. It is nothing but some space online where we give identity by adding the domain name. How to get hosting for a website Now, the question is how to get hosting for a website. There are many websites available who…

How to launch a website

How to launch a website

After getting domain names, hosting..now question comes how to make a website live or how to launch a website. Well..If you know the technical gigs or you have programming concept of .net, PHP, HTML then it’s okay. To launch a website, You can just upload your files to your hosting…

set themes in wordpress

How to set themes in WordPress

After installing the WordPress Application (Content management system)..the things come first is to design our website according to our wish. WordPress websites have endless opportunities..i.e you can design your website even like Facebook. Important.Important thing is that what topic your website covers.According to these topics thousands of predefined themes or…

difference between wordpress and blogger

Difference between WordPress and Blogger

The two most important and most popular web building applications and platforms are WordPress and Blogger.To make sites on these platforms requires no any technical knowledge at all.Only you need some basic knowledge regarding websites..but not to be worried if you have not these knowledge too..they are as simple as…