Graphic Design

Tips for Choosing between PC and Mac for Graphic Design

Image editing and graphic design are tasks that require a significant amount of computing power. Professional designers and editors who want to get a job done without any lagging should invest in a great computer. Most computer buyers would have a quick look at the specs before making a decision….

Radar Detectors

How to Choose Right Radar Detectors

With every passing day, the potential buyers are introduced to more options for radar detectors. Interestingly but not surprisingly, every manufacturer claims to have introduced a cluster of innovative, fascinating and more functional features in the product. A galaxy of options comes with both pros and cons. You can easily…

Trending WhatsApp Tricks

Trending WhatsApp Tricks You Should Know About!

WhatsApp’s frequent new updates and features make it one of the most popular means of communication. There are lots of tips and tricks you can benefit from and you WhatsApp in ways you have never used before. What’s more, there is a WhatsApp spying app too! All you need to…

Backup Software

Best Free Backup Software In 2018

Backing up your data can be a costly affair. On the one hand, you may have to pay for the software that you use. Some leading companies that provide storage space for clients charge regarding the size of the data that the customers back up. On the other hand, you…

thermal imager for android

6 reasons why you need a thermal imager for android mobile

The thermal imager for android is lightweight and portable in design which makes the cameras perfect to move around with ease. It produces a high degree of accuracy in results. It is very convenient and effective which allows you to visualize the areas that need repair. A thermal camera is…

6 Tips To Speed Up Your iPhone

Poor performing technology is utterly frustrating, especially when you think about the amount of money you have to spend on it. iPhones get slow, and users just assume that they are getting old and need to be replaced, but before you rush out and get a replacement, Fonehouse have put…

Use of VPN

4 Reasons behind the Excessive Use of VPN & its Importance

A Virtual Private Network or more commonly known as VPN is a secure connection that allows you to link to another network over the internet. The primary function of any VPN is to provide an access to restricted websites, by providing a shield on your internet surfing activity from interference…

Top Five Best Android Apps

Top Five Best Android Apps of All Time

We are not sure how many of you can imagine an Android experience without the right apps. In the course of time, the collection of Android apps has grown beyond expectations. As of now, there are millions of apps in Play Store itself. All along, however, there have been some…

Effective Keyword Mapping

Importance of Effective Keyword Mapping to your SEO Campaign

Successful SEO strategy must include keywords as the foundation of all the SEO efforts. Keywords are simply the possible phrases that your target audience are likely to search for on the search engines to get to your business. They determine your website structure as well as influence your potential content….

Poor Performance of Android Apps

5 Major Reasons Behind Poor Performance of Android Apps

Mobile development is quite different from that of desktop programming. While planning to develop such software, you can pretty well assume that most of the users will have higher internet speed. They are even using larger screens and keyboard and mouse for interact with pages. Developers, planning to move from…