Install wordpress locally

Install wordpress Locally on computer


Hello friends! before going to this tutorial first of all you should know little bit about WordPress. WordPress is a free and open source blocking tools and content Management System which is also called CMS. It is based on PHP and My sql which is run on the hosting server no matter local or global. One very popular feature of WordPress is its rich plugins, which allows users and developers to extend its abilities beyond the core installation.  Friends this is all about WordPress. Now you follow some steps how to install wordpress locally.


Step 1 :- First you download the WordPress from the given below link

Step 2 :- then extract the WordPress file



Step 3 :- Now download the Xampp from the given below link and install it and then run..

now you can see the xampp is running in my system, and remember you must check that Apache and mysql is running.


Step 4 :- now open C drive then goto the “htdoc” folder


And paste that extracted wordPress folder inside the htdocs folder.


 Step 5 :- then open your browser and type


Then create a database, here I am creating a database whose name is “ways2hack” then click create.


After creating your database  successfully then click on your database and goto the “privileges” option, then click on edit privilege option.


Then fillup the login information

User name = new user (I am using “new user” as user name)

Host = localhost

Password = no need to fillup the password filed.

Then click Go button.


After that again open your browser and then open..


then click create “configure” – let go – after that the word press form is appear, then fillup that form

database name is “ways2hack”

user name is also “new user”

password leave it blank then click submit button.


After that again fill one form.

Site name – here you can your site name

Username – admin

Password – admin123

Re-type password – admin123

Your enter email id – any you email id.

Then click install word press.


Then login



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