How to write quality post on blog

You have set up your have done everything and all necessary plugins you have installed.Now you are focusing on writing articles.but only writing is not the main thing.Most important thing is quality writing.

what is quality writing and how to write quality post

Quality post


Quality writing refers to a complete article which satisfies the every need of a visitor.Your articles should be like that once visitor has arrived he/she need not to go any where else.The information they are looking for must be provided by you.Not only the content they are looking for but the related content must be present in your website .

Quality writing also refers to the keyword optimized post.This means your articles must be friendly to search engines so that your pages come to the top of the search results.We will focus more on Search Engine Optimization (SEO) in future posts.

It’s not as easy as it looks.It will definitely take lot time and of course hard work.But,over the time your website will become popular and many regular visitor will born for your site.They will opt for your site only for any kind of information if related to your website’s topic.


There are some guidelines which must be followed so that one writer’s post considered as a quality post.Here are the tips to write quality post on a blog :

1. Choose that topic only in which your concept is very clear.Because if your concepts are not clear you can’t write or can’t provide as much of information required by the visitor.

2. You should try to provide information divided into different parts.I mean you should try to give information divided into parts so that user not feel boring.if he will get bored he will definitely exit your webpage.

3. you must provide relevant links i.e internal inks of your website where you think user might get confused and you have other articles to solve that confusion.You should provide that link at the same place.

4. To write quality post you also have to consider your should use your keyword wisely in your article so that this page can get better position in search engine results.You must use your keyword as more as possible.But,remember it should be in a genuine way.

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