how to set themes in blogger

How to set themes in Blogger downloaded from outside

If you are using Blogger platform for your site and want to change the them then you might be aware of the  7 inbuilt templates.But,in the case you don’t like the default available themes.Then what to do ? How to set themes in Blogger from outside source ??

how to set themes in blogger

In’s very easy to upload themes even from outside..But,what to do in Blogger ? Well..for blogger too there are templates available outside the Blogger.but,it’s not as easy as WordPress to directly upload that zip file theme.

In Blogger you have to deal with some technical gigs i.e HTML coding.Don’t worry you need not to write any code .Only thing you have to do is to edit HTML file.


Once you have downloaded the desired template you should follow the following steps :

1. Extract that zip file.

2. You will find your theme name there.

3.Open with Note pad or word and you will find HTML coding.

4. Copy the whole code and just paste in edit option of your Blogger template.Remember before pasting you must delete the old code.

After these steps your site will have completely new look.But,you must want to give options of your desire and topic instead of old ones.

So  you have to edit those old contents and replace with your new one in the same HTML file.Foe this you just press ctrl+f and search the word you want to replace then write your own content there.

by this way you can edit the whole site according to your wish.

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