How to launch a website

How to launch a website

After getting domain names, question comes how to make a website live or how to launch a website. Well..If you know the technical gigs or you have programming concept of .net, PHP, HTML then it’s okay. To launch a website, You can just upload your files to your hosting account and your website will run as per your design.

How to launch a website

Now, problem arises here if you don’t know a single language of above mentioned programs. But, need not to be can easily use predefined applications like WordPress, Blogger, Drupal and many more.

These applications are called Content management system (CMS) which works according to the user’s wish. These are so easy to use that a simple guy who knows only how to operate a computer can operate this and can run a very beautiful and dynamic website.

You can just install WordPress, Drupal, zumla from your hosting account very easily except Blogger (It is a free hosting service provided by Google).

i will give ideas in my future post how to use WordPress and Blogger :)

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