How to choose domain name

In my last post..i told about the Keyword strategy. This was just beginning i will further explain more about How to choose domain nameas this is going to be very helpful for the websites to rank on the Google.

domain name

Well..let’s concentrate on choosing of domain name this time only.

Domain name is the web address through which a website can be reached generally using Hyper Text Transfer Protocol(http).

How to choose domain name

Domain name must be somehow equal for the keyword you have choosen to launch a website. If you don’t know about the keyword choosing strategy then you should first read that things.

Know about the keyword strategy here.

Domain names can be purchased online through different i will write two most famous sites who sells domains.



from these sites you can purchase domains for 1 or 2 or 5 year plan.More plans are also there

Try every idea while choosing your domain name like reversing your keyword or choosing synonyms may help you.

But,don’t worry if you will not get your desired domain..choose anyone what you like and leave rest on SEO which will be explained in future posts.

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