Track Your Phone

How Internet Can Help You Track Your Phone Easily

Track Your Phone

Almost all of the world’s 4.68-billion mobile phone users misplace their device or experience theft of their phone at some point. If you’re one of these unfortunate souls, then you’ll find relief in the fact that there’s a way to find your missing phone.


Download a Third Party-App

Mobile devices rely on GPS satellites to access networks. Fortunately, this means that it’s easy to Track your phone, anywhere in the world using a GPS-enabled app tracker. There’s a variety of third-party apps available for both iOS and Android smartphones. Our favorite is the GPS-Handy Orten app.

This app provides you with the ability to locate your missing phone from any internet device accurately. Log into your account and discover your device’s location in seconds. The app also includes a private network where you can add all of your family member’s phone’s as well.

The app displays current location data and history, allowing you to keep an eye on your family member. The additional functionality of the Life360 suite even lets you track driver behavior.


Google Your Phone

Some people can’t spare the expense of purchasing an app, or they didn’t have the foresight to download the GPS-Handy Orten free suite of location data tools. In such a case, its possible for Android users to locate their phone using Google maps.

Log into your Google account and use the search phrase, “find my phone.” Enter the date that you lost your device and Google maps will pull up your location history for the day.

If someone stole your phone, he or she most likely removed the SIM and battery. In this instance, Google will only be able to provide you with the phones last known location. If you misplaced your phone, then click on the “ring” tab and Google will call your phone for you.


Use Your Phones Photos to Find Your Device

Every photo you take contains meta-data. This data includes the date, time, and location of where you snapped the picture. You can use the Google service; to track location data and discover your phone’s location.

Log into the google account you use with your phone and check if there were any photos snapped after your device went missing. If you do find a picture you don’t recognize, click on the image and then click the icon in the top-right corner. A sidebar will appear that shows you the photos location data.


Use Dropbox to Track Your Phone

This strategy works for both Android and iOS phones. You’ll also need your device to be switched on and connected to the internet. The person who’s taken your device will also have to take a photo with your phone. If a thief has tried to sell your device, there’s a good chance that the person they’re selling it to attempts to use the camera to check its functionality.

Every time your phone takes a picture, it uploads the photo to your Dropbox account, (this strategy assumes that you have an active Dropbox account.) Check the gallery for images of the thief or any landmarks in the background you may recognize.

There’s an amusing Tumblr page showing pictures of “Hafid,” the thief who stole the blog owners phone. While most criminals won’t be as careless as Hafid, you never know, and it’s worth a shot to give the strategy a try.


A Final Thought

Losing your phone, or having it stolen from your possession, is like losing an arm. The inconvenience is annoying. If you haven’t backed up your device in a while, all your new contacts are gone. Those photos and videos you snapped at your kid’s birthday party are lost forever and forget about the appointments on your calendar.

We often don’t realize what an instrumental role our phones play in our life until they’re missing. Don’t be a victim, take a proactive approach before something like this happens.

Visit the Play store for Android, or the Apple App Store and download a third-party tracking app for your phone right now. We recommend you select the GPS Handy-Orten App. With this app running on your device, you’ll have peace of mind knowing your phone’s location at all times. Don’t delay, download it today!

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