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How Buying A Refurbished iPhone Is Better Than Buying A Used iPhone?

Do you know there is a huge difference between second-hand products and refurbished products? If you are considering both the used iPhones and refurbished iPhones same then you are completely wrong because both have huge differences. However, yes, refurbished iPhone are also used ones but because of a number of reasons refurbished ones are better than that of the used ones.

There are three states of every electronic product and that are new, used or second-hand and refurbished. Let us first understand the differences between refurbished and second- hand iPhones.

  • Refurbished iPhones come with the warranty same as that of new iPhones however, second-hand iPhone does not come with any warranty.
  • Refurbished phones come with the new battery, however, when you buy used ones then you will get the used battery.
  • You will get new accessories with the refurbished iPhones but almost in all the cases, when you buy a second-hand phone then you will get used accessories.
  • The components of the Apple Refurbished products have been tested in the Apple store itself before delivery, however, the components of the used phones are not checked.
  • If you are the one who don’t like to take risks and who wants surety then in such a case, buying a refurbished iPhone is a great option than buying a second hand iPhone because in used iPhones, you will never sure about the life span of the phone while when we talk about the refurbished iPhone then on an average the iPhone will come with a life span of more than 3 years.  

Besides all these differences, the cost of both the refurbished and used iPhones is almost the same. Yes, no one can deny the fact that both the refurbished and the used are the same because both are used by users at first and then sold again. However, the thing which creates a huge difference between both is that the refurbished products have been passed through various quality checks and rigorous testing before the delivery of the products. In this case, the components of the products have been fixed if there is need before it is sold again.

Don’t think that buying a refurbished iPhone is a huge hassle because you can get a refurbished iPhone with ease at online stores. On the other hand, if you are a lover of the latest technology then refurbished is not a great option for you because you will get older models of the iPhones when you choose to buy refurbished products. However, when we consider all the factors, then you can easily decide that buying a refurbished iPhone is a greater option than buying a second hand or used iPhone.

Why you should buy a refurbished iPhone?

Clearly, the cost is the biggest thing which forces you to buy a refurbished iPhone than that of the new one. Yes, if you are a little low in the budget then it is a great option to buy a refurbished product online without any hassle. Some of the refurbished iPhones offer you 50% less and it is like a dream for iPhone lovers.

Other than the cost, there are many other things such as new battery, quality same as of new and new accessories makes a refurbished iPhone worth buying.

So, where you can get refurbished iPhones?

You can get refurbished iPhones at various online stores and from Apple store itself without any hassle at a very discounted rate than that of the original price of the product.   


Yes, considering all the factors mentioned above, it is clear that buying a refurbished iPhone is a better option than that of buying a used iPhone. Now get the same quality of the product similar to the newer one at a very lower cost and turn your dreams of having an iPhone into reality. It is always a great idea to be sure while investing your money to buy an electronic item. That is why going with the refurbished iPhone is a great option.

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