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How Artificial Intelligence is Reshaping Web Design?

Web development has come a long way from the simple web pages that used to be text-based to the contemporary sophisticated pages that include a variety of attractive audio-visual elements.

The time when the web designers used HTML to create sites has almost become history now. Design ecosystem has evolved within a very short period. The artificial intelligence has emerged as a revolution over time.

In the dreadful and dark place of the internet, AI or Artificial Intelligence has arisen as a fresh breath of air and strived to make the internet a much more stylish place. It has grown massively over the last 25-30 years.

Though it is still in its infancy, the machine learning has enabled artificial design intelligence to comprehend the rules of creativity and apply them independently. A lot of web design work will be automated by AI soon with its further advancement. There will be digital disciples and there will also be thought leaders.

Role of AI in Evolving Web Development and Design

AI and machine learning are constantly assisting in delivering better services to us. These range from the improved product/service design presentation and user experience to security strengthening, enhanced quality analysis, coding and much more.

Apart from opting for the AI based advanced web platforms, companies are also hiring web developers for making the most of the AI based security solutions. The best part is that it is not something that is meant for just the industry giants. On the contrary, AI is capable of coming to the rescue of all those businesses that are prepared for its emergence.

Here is how, AI is reshaping the web designing world, slowly but steadily.

  • Exploring and Pushing the Design Boundaries – Modern customers are spoilt for choices when it comes to web designing options and being tech-savvy, they don’t want to settle for anything less than a seamless and highly personalised online journey at par with their tastes, requirements, and needs. But personalisation comes with a set of challenges for the designer because of the scale and the sheer complexity. Herein comes AI with its immense potential.

So how do you come up with innovative and creative website designs with AI?

The new design landscape is fostered by the Al-fuelled automation which has become the latest trend today. This, when applied appropriately, brings with it the functionality and efficiency through features such as customised suggestions and recommendations. The video streamlining websites like Netflix and YouTube are making use of such AI features for making suggestions that are relevant to users. This is done by making calculated decisions based on user preferences. This one is a great alternative to the DIY tactics of web designing that come with their own pros and cons.  This current feature is used for displaying personalised ads, making product and service recommendations, announcing price alterations after intervals, showcasing tailored audio-video content and much more.

Novelty is the third option to design websites and it is executed with the help of the web tools empowered by AI like Wix, Grid, GoDaddy, Firedrop and Adobe Sensei. These are some of the most advanced and champion products which represent the concept of inbuilt artificially intelligent designing assistants in the best way possible. Most of the ecommerce designing companies are already embracing these for creating high-performance platforms for maximum conversions and traffics.


  • Chatbots Turning into the New Client Consultants – Research has brought to light the fact that almost 60-70 percent of the customers return to the websites that contain chats. Hence including chatbots has become imperative for companies who are willing to create effective websites. These chatbots simulate real conversations and thus deliver better customer engagement and user experience. The chatbots enabled by the AutuML system can also adapt the responses and develop new actions in the process. These websites coupled with chatbots have proven to be greatly beneficial for the businesses.


  • Optimised Voice Search Making User Experience Effortless – Now that people are more eager to have information more efficiently and faster, voice search is most coveted today. It is already a favourite among the youths and it is bound to evolve more in the future. The e-commerce industry is embracing this the most with virtual shopping assistants now filtering the search results according to the query of the customer. For web development techniques, AI is soon emerging as an essential component by offering constant voice conversation between the consumers and the website. Be it Siri, Cortana, Alexa or anything else, AI is assisting the development of websites by the solution interactions with the optimised search options. Soon this will be a demanded skill from website developers.



  • Quality Testing Becoming a Thing of the Past and Offering Better Cybersecurity – Quality testing has always been an integral part of making a website live. But AI is being opted for by companies for making the AI algorithms to replace the tedious, mundane and the repetitive work of quality assurance checking. This way the developers can work on things that really need their attention. Again, the AI based ML also helps in making cybersecurity almost impenetrable and ensuring the consumer data privacy which is one of the most significant features for any website.

The above are some of the ways in which Artificial Intelligence is reshaping the world of web design. That is why it is adopted by the most reputed agencies of web development in India so that they can offer their clients the most innovative and advanced websites which empower them to stay at the top of their game.

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