Hello guys I have shared a lots of tricks to hide or lock a folders. But in this trick you will some different thing to the hide folder. In this trick we are going to hide a folder behind the Image. By using this tricks you are easily hide your data’s and even no one find able to find it. Let follows these simple step..

Step 1:- first you can select a image to be used for hiding file behind the image. Here I am using a .jpg image whose file name is w2h.jpg



Step 2 :- Now select a folder to hide behind the w2h.jpg image and make these folder in .rar format. If you don’t have winrar software then first download it form given link.

step 3 :- now open your cmd and write the following code.

Copy /b w2h.jpg+ways2hack.rar hide.jpg

Here w2h.jpg image is used for to hide the folder behind them, and ways2hack.rar is folder which is which is used to hide behind the image and ate last hide.jpg is a final image with a hidden file should be.

 2           3


 Step 4 :- when you open these hide.jpg image it will open normally, but to open your hidden folder you need to do.

Open these image in winrar, For that

Open winrar and drag your hide.jpg in winrar and extract it.




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