Hello Friends before going to this tutorial let me introduce a little bit about Cain and Abel Tool. Cain & Abel is just works like a password recovery tool for windows. In cail & abel we sniffing a various type of passwords over a network and try to encrypt it using Dictionary.

here we are using Brute-Force method to recover the password over wireless network keys. Cain & Abel takes the advantages over the weakness point present over network. The latest version contains many more features like APR (Arp Poison Routing) which enables sniffing on switched LANs and Man-in-the-Middle attacks. So Friends this is all about Cain and Able and now I am going to show you a demo how to hack http:// password just follows these steps…


Step 1 :- Download and install the Cain and Abel Tool from the given   link


Step 2 :- Now open the Cain And Abel

                Then click on Sniffer – then click start/stop – then click ADD button.



Step 3 :- After clicking Add button it show the Mac Scanner Menu in that menu select All host in my Subnet then click ok.



Step 4 :- Then it will scan all the host target which in present in that network.


Step 5 :- Then go to the ARP Option and click it.


Step 6 :- click Add button


Step 7 :-  then click Start and stop button to poison the targets.


Now your target is poisoned.


Step 8 :- goto to the “password” – HTTP



This is all about Cain And Abel, I hope Friends you enjoy this tutorial, but my friends this is only for education purpose do not misuse any where.


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