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Give Your Online Business a Fresh Look with Expert Designers

The best website design requires expert designers. Discover how to source outstanding web design.

In the current economic climate, every business needs all the help that it can possibly get. But that’s not just confined to seeking out business loans and grants. Now is the perfect time to take a long, hard look at your business website too. Is it really fit for purpose? Is it attracting plenty of visitors who are keen and motivated to engage with your brand?

Why you need to update your website?

Unless your website was created within the last three years or so, then it’s almost certainly outdated. Websites are subject to regular design trends, and an outdated site is sending out completely the wrong message to your potential customers.

Start by taking a long, hard look at your website analytics. Are visitors remaining on your site long enough to complete an interaction? Do they visit just one or two pages and then head off elsewhere? Worst of all, are potential purchasers abandoning their shopping carts before completing their purchase?

These are just some of the more obvious indicators that your site needs a makeover. Other things to check are your page loading times – does your site launch across all devices in a matter of seconds? In fact, does it display perfectly across every type of device and browser? If you’ve only ever tested your site on your own desktop and smartphone, can you really be sure that every single visitor is viewing your site in the way that you intended?

Things to consider when planning a website refresh

Many business owners opt for DIY website builds, due to the low cost. However, unless you only plan a simple brochure website, you could be doing your business a serious disservice with this approach. Yes, DIY builders offer templates, but the problem is, they look like templates. Regardless as to how good the template builder may be, a DIY website will never be able to give you bespoke design features and yet these are what make a website stand out from the crowd.

Usability is another key factor. When you’re sourcing web design in Hull, or indeed anywhere else, you need to have confidence in your design team. Some designers find it difficult to use terms and phrases that non-computer experts can understand. This leads to complex management systems that users struggle to cope with.

It’s also essential to consider growth and expansion. As your business expands, your website must cope. You may need additional features over time, such as an e-commerce capability. The right web design team will inspire you to push your business to new levels.

These are the factors you need to keep in mind when sourcing website design in Hull. Building a great relationship with your web designer will stand you in good stead in these troubled times. Anything that lifts your business above the online noise is essential to future success.

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