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5 Essential Security Apps for iOS

Apple being a top of the line smartphone brand is famous for its superior security mechanism. The court case in March 2016 between Apple and the FBI stated that ‘it’s not easy to break into an iPhone.’ But that doesn’t mean its hack proof.

All the face ID, thumb scans, and security options can be bypassed if used an ingenious decrypting method. What to do then? Its essential you install security apps to keep your iOS device away from unwanted hackers and threats.

We’ve analyzed five apps for you to add an extra layer of security for your iPhone, so you don’t have to think twice regarding how safe your phone is.


  • NordVPN


Among the first in the list is NordVPN. What makes it a must-have? If you’re familiar with how a VPN works than I’m sure you know the importance of No Logs. Yes, if you’ve guessed it then your right, NordVPN has a ‘Zero Log’ policy, which means the network does not track the user’s online activities making you potentially invisible to the outside world.

You never know who accesses your iOS device and it’s better to prevent any hacks. It’s stated in a NordVPN review that it provides a double VPN feature, which provides an extra layer of protection by being connected on two networks simultaneously.

Discreetness is rare nowadays for which a security app to control unwanted malware is a necessity. With 24/7 customer support in your fist, you can utilize the app to the fullest keeping your iPhone safe.


  • Keeply


When it comes to security, Keeply has much more to offer than just a secure vault for your photos, notes, documents, and passwords. The interface is so unique and smooth giving you an edge over other iOS devices securing your data to its fullest.

Backing up data to cloud storage some perks as well as risks if tempered. But Keeply’s safety policy ensures that your data is limited to the storage on your phone and not uploaded as a backup on the cloud. You can manually back up data on your computer but it won’t do it for you, giving control over the app and security.

Since strong security check is a necessity, Keeply provides extra features, such as the app takes a picture from the front camera of your iOS device and if any person tries to open the app to insert the pin, it makes you aware who’s trying to unlock your device.


  • Lookout


We all misplace our smartphones quite often. It slides under the sofa, or a friend plays a nasty joke by hiding it, and at times you don’t find it making you lose your temper. Don’t worry, ‘Lookout’ is created to counter that loophole. Its an all rounder security app that locates your iOS device in case you lose it. You can remotely sound an alarm in case of any suspicious threats even if the Smartphone is on silent mode.

It’s a powerful iOS security app which gives you complete control of your device even on a public WIFI. The trial version is enough for you to enjoy unlimited security perks but the premium has much more to offer and enhanced security.


  • ExpressVPN


ExpressVPN being a top-ranked VPN has unlimited possibilities and features for you to enjoy. Imagine all that in your iOS device. It uses AES with 256-bit keys, known as AES-256. It’s the same encryption which security agencies and governments use worldwide to protect and keep classified information safe.

What’s unique is the customer support it offers from within the app round the clock for any concerned queries. Moreover, it has a smart location which notifies you for which location to connect with a faster connection. With complete anonymity, you are safe to browse and surf the web without any worries keeping your iOS smartphone safe and secured.


  • 1Password


Since every app or website now requires authentication and sign up, people tend to forget passwords making it chaotic and frustrating to keep all passwords in check and mind. 1Password app in a gist is an impressive password manager you’ve been searching for.

The app helps you to create and manage all your passwords according to your need giving full control over apps in your iOS device and keeps them together in a master vault with strong, unbreakable encryption.

At times your smartphone may get into the wrong hands but fear not, 1Password uses AES 256-bit encryption ensuring that your smartphone data is untouchable. Everything that you need one click away, making it the best security app for your iOS device.

In A Nutshell

I hope this article clears your confusion regarding security apps. Buying a new Apple smartphone is a wise choice but not keeping it secure is immature. That’s why we’ve gathered a list of 5 best security apps for you to skim onto and install them to get the ultimate protection.

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