Effect of Technology on Music Learning

The Effect of Technology and the Internet on Music Learning

Time has been extremely generous on us with the advancement of these three things. Internet, technology, and Music-These are the three words which have become related to our daily lives because these three things are something all of us has experienced, collectively and individually as well. The tremendous development of technology has not only impacted on how music is composed, created, and broadcasted to the audience, but also transformed the music learning process in the ways the yonder years composers would never have dared to imagine. No one can deny the fact that the advancement of internet has drastically changed the music industry.

Any music, instrument, music sheets or anything about the music can be accessed through the Internet. The technology gave music lovers a chance to learn music whether it is classical or western or musical instruments throughout the world.

Effect of Technology on Music Learning


The rise of music application and online music lessons

The internet has changed the music over the past few decades. Earlier, it was very difficult to buy music from your favorite artists/labels. But now the Internet has given more access to the music lovers. There are several tools and applications that can help a person learn and create music on their own. You can listen, watch, and stream to your favorite music with just a click on your electronic devices online. Music lovers have the freedom to practically learn and practice any piece of a song recorded ever in the human history.

Using the technological tools, there are several music applications where one can record, stream, and upload music of almost all kinds. Irrespective of the availability of musical instruments, a physical teacher, and audience, the online singer can have an upload their songs, create a fan base, and get popular.

Is Internet a boon for musicians?

The Internet is connecting the whole world. So, the artists/labels are directly connecting to the audience through videos and their music. Audience and music lovers from all over the world are capable of getting access to their favorite music and stream into the live music concerts and music shows using their devices, at any time and from any place. The artists/labels are getting a good amount of profit. The Internet has many music apps, online instruments. Even a one year toddler can access the Internet and learn the music through online.

Effect of Technology on Music Learning



And moreover, through Internet, many independent artists are getting more exposure, even the ones who didn’t have any background. Anyone can access the technology and can create independent music. These independent artists can upload their work on the Internet. On Internet, everything gets viral. So, these independent artists are becoming famous and gathering a huge amount of fans and money.


The Negative Effects of Technology

Wide segments of the audience are hailing the internet era where music has become more accessible, and a lot cheaper to obtain. But the downside is that the music companies are facing the problems because of the technology. As everything has become quite accessible, there are piracy issues too. Newly launched songs have become very easy to steal, download, and create a duplicate version. It has become difficult for artists/labels to make the decent amount of money. Some sites offer to download a song rather than the whole album. And some sites enable ad-based and paid the subscription.

Effect of Technology on Music Learning

The impact of internet on Music Learning

Music learning, like any subject of learning has become an easy task. You just need an Internet connection to learn your desired music. If you can learn by yourself then there are many videos to guide you, and if you want an instructor to make you learn, there are many online instructors who can guide you through online video calls and make you learn.

You can sit at your home and learn the music of your wish, without carrying the heavy musical instruments to the class. The learners can schedule the class timing according to their convenience and can get the desired instructor for their music classes. You can learn any form, and variety of music or instrument playing in the whole world by sitting at your home. Your online instructor can help you to seek the music anytime you want. Your queries can be cleaned anytime through online. Compared to traditional music lessons, online music lessons expenses are less.

Effect of Technology on Music Learning
Elementary school children use electronic tablets on the first day of class in the new school year in Nice, September 3, 2013

But there are some downsides which include

  • In the vast and ever-changing internet mode, you may be guided to the wrong path.
  • By scanning through the plethora of online videos, you may learn something you don’t need.
  • There are chances of getting trained by a wrong instructor.
  • You may lose money by investing in the wrong place.

So while the technology and internet have impacted the music learning process, one thing that is for certain is that internet isn’t leaving us anytime soon. So, the music will have to adapt to it and become a friend to the music industry.

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