difference between wordpress and blogger

Difference between WordPress and Blogger

The two most important and most popular web building applications and platforms are WordPress and Blogger.To make sites on these platforms requires no any technical knowledge at all.Only you need some basic knowledge regarding websites..but not to be worried if you have not these knowledge too..they are as simple as to run a software in computer.

difference between wordpress and blogger

Well..coming to WordPress and Blogger.

At first let’s discuss Blogger :

Blogger belongs to Google.yes..Google provides free web hosting.You can create your first ever website in 30 seconds with the help of Blogger.

Just go to www.blogger.com and sign in with your Google id.Then click on create new blog.Give blog address as www.youraddress.blogspot.com.

The only thing you have to compromise is that your address will have blogspot.com and not as www.yoursiteaddress.com.To make your site as a private site you have to purchase a domain name and set up a 3rd party URL in blogger.Never worried for hosting..as Google is giving you free hosting for your site lifetime.

Blogger’s dashboard has some limited options as well as interface is not as good as wordpress.if you want to change theme limited only 7 no. of templates are available.But in wordPress..lakhs of templates are available.

so,now let’s discuss the features of WordPress :

To create a site on wordpress you have to purchase a domain name.However wordpress also provides free hosting but this is too bad as compared to blogger.

So,we will talk only talk about the self hosted sites on WordPress.

WordPress has some very advanced features as compared to Blogger.

1. Themes can be uploaded from outside the wordpress to ..which is not in Blogger.

2. Permalinks can be customized but in blogger only half of permalink can be customized.

3. More options are available in WordPress Dashboard as compared to Blogger.

4. lakhs of plugins are available for extra features…but blogger doesn’t have option to install plugins.

5. you have to buy hosting for WordPress site..but in blogger it is free.

6. One can build business,social,informative or any kind of website with word press..but Blogger has only informative sites.

However..SEO opportunities for both the platform is same.

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