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Design your website with Social Media Integration

Social Media Integration is widely popular and used by billion people worldwide, neglecting to integrate popular platforms on your website can be a huge mistake. You want to draw people in from where they’re already at, and retain them as visitors on your site. By streamlining your site for use with social media, you’re helping users bring your website into their everyday lives. If you’ve ever want to become a valuable resource to your customers or readers, there’s never been a better way to do this.

  1. Design Your Website with keeping Social Media in Mind

You want to be able to cross promote content between your website and social media profiles. This means designing everything in a way that would translate well between platforms. Uploading your site’s videos to YouTube and formatting the images included in your text posts to display properly on social media channels will promote better accessibility. When designing your website, always make considerations regarding the way your content will display on a universal scale, rather than merely on your domain.


  1. Allow Social Media Sign In

If your site contains features that allow user comments, or if your website is based around eCommerce, consider allowing users to sign in with their social media profiles. It’s much easier than creating a dedicated account. Most users don’t want to go through the trouble of creating a profile and verifying their email to continue with a comment or purchase. By allowing social media sign in you’re making the creation of an account as simple as clicking a button.


  1. Incentivize the Use of Social Media

If you’re looking to draw in social media users or boost your social media presence, one of the best ways to accomplish that is by incentivizing the use of social media in conjunction with your website. Promoting special sales or content that will only be made available to users of a specific platform will encourage people to use their social media accounts while browsing your website. Just make sure you’re abiding by the terms of service for each specific platform in doing so. Google+, for example, will not allow contests to be run through their platform.


  1. Utilize Share Buttons

You want to gain social media followers and shares. People aren’t going to take those actions if you make it difficult. They won’t seek you out, and they may not want to copy, shorten, and paste a URL in order to send it out in a Tweet. Including share and follow buttons where relevant makes it easy for people to stay abreast with your social media presence and share your content with others. Just be sure you’re placing the right buttons in the right places.


  1. Create Content worth Sharing

People probably don’t want to share information from a product page, or a “contact us” page. Placing share buttons there is useless. The same goes for generic content that doesn’t actually provide any value. If you want people to use social media to interact with your content, the content itself needs to be worthy. Original content that offers insight, entertainment, or a tutorial is more likely to be shared than a generic article or a sales post. Installing the right plugins is only half the battle – you need to give people a reason to use them.

Social media integration will keep your website relevant. Just about everyone is using it, and if you aren’t, it’s never too late to jump on board. You may even find that you amass more unique visitors by allowing social media interactivity.

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