1. a person called Urvika has used my mobile number in her FB account, kindly remove the contact number, as I don’t know regarding this & continuously MSG Comes which disturb me. thank you

          1. Pls help me some has created a fake facebook account pls remove this accounthttps://www.facebook.com/chandani.rajput.332 open this link.This is a fake account

  2. Thankyou for your advice and helpful link…. This will surely. Help. Me and many others… Those who are suffering from such elements..

      1. Helo .good evening can you hacked this account because they are all fake .kirara gout.jhana missy..victoria frazer.mayza lagata..they are all fake .thank you..i hope you help me..

      1. please hlp me somebody is using a fake account by my frnd name moreover he or she is sending request to our frnds and also uploading vry bad things please help me please close this account even we r eady to pay u for this bt plzz do something bcuz it is a matter of a girl.

          1. Sir ,
            Someone created a fake account on my sister . Please please help me to delete the account permanently . The url link of the profile is https://www.facebook.com/bha.lakshmi
            Please sir I can pay you plz delete this account permanently . He is chatting with my sister’s friends like my sister and chatting as well as with my family member . please help me . My phone number is 9493994933 . I am really looking forward to your message . Please help me

          2. https://www.facebook.com/anghell.rubinos please help me remove this acc its a fake acc my friends was being harassed by this Fake acc! we already report it but theres no action because not many people reported this acc please help me!!!! my friend and i fought because of this acc its been blackmailing me

      1. Hi admin.. Yesterday sumone made my fake account using my name nd hav been posting my photoshhoped vurglar images.. Bt we reported nd dt account hs been deleted..bt m scared dt person cn agn re-create another fake account.

          1. Please help me. Someone created a fake account in my name. I’m worried that they can create different pages over and over. Is there any way to stop that from happening?

            They have pictures that will ruin my reputation and they want me to pay $3,000 to take it down. I’ve already paid $1,800 and they keep asking for more. This is never going to end.

            Please help

            Hers the link to the fake page


      2. some is reporting my profile i don,t know how but it make my profile temporary block
        i want to block his id plz help me

      1. Hi rohit my facebook fake account has been created and vulgar images have been posted and my friends and family images have also been updated.
        Please help

      2. Plzzz ap mari help kar dy gy mary name ka kasi ny page banya ha us py mari pic upload kar raha ha us ko kahtm karny main mari help kar dy plzzzzplzzzz plzzzz

          1. Main ny is tare report kaya tha magr abi b wo page band ni ho raha ha plzz ap koi hal bata do is page ko kahtm karny ka plzzzz

  3. What is the first step in installing a home tetaher? I plan on including:Seat risersProjectormotorized projection screentheater lightingsurround soundmedia closetAcoustics for sound (not sound proofing).Put them in order if you can. ThanksWow, you 2 guys gave me a lot of information and even more things to think about (not be sarcastic). Thank you so much.

  4. someone who has use fake account and use m reletives picture with name of erum zamaan please close this account or delete the picture that use on fake account.please kindly close this account

  5. sir some peoples are hack my real facebook id asad samer mithi and duplicate facebook id asad samer landlord and asad samer islamabad putting the same profile picture and same address so please help me and who is involve the make id so please help so these fake id delete

  6. Some one create fake fb account and share my pics I did as u write in this article but after few days it was again there now ur method is not working what should I do

  7. Someone has created about 20 fake profiles and sending me harrassing messages. One fake profile is even displaying my picture. Facebook are saying that there are no violations. Can some please help me to have these profiles closed

    1. Hi Taz, Share that profile URL having your profile pic. Then i will tell you the step by step procedure to handle these type of social media problems.

  8. Someone make many fake accounts of my name and put my photos on it.
    Plzz help me
    I don’t know him
    Plzzz help me for God sake

  9. Please help me someone using my picture on his profile picture I want to block his account or removed my picture

  10. someone has craeted fake account ram vinod jha Occupation girls supplier with my photo so kindly identified my account and close the fake account as soon as possible .

  11. hi admin, please help my friend because someone posting her picture in her wall insulting and treatening my friend. please help my friend.i was hoping for your quick response. please help…

  12. i need help too! this guy made a fake account under the name of louie pao and jeero mendoza but the pictures are my friend’s pictures with an intention to ruin his life and family. a hacker friend says he cant solve the problem coz there’s no number or email used. pls help..pls search the acct concerned. thank you..i will appreciate it very much

  13. Hlw help me plz this profile pic,account and name of belows fb id is made by my sister’s account.This account annoyed her so block & delete permanently below’s account plz


  14. Pls help me too Mr. Admin, I really need to stop this as they are threatening me and making fake accounts also of my friend. its been 3 years and still bothering me and my friend. most specially my friend, plls help us find the criminal and delete that fake facebook account. plsssss im begging :'( :'(

  15. Someone created a fake on my frnd name and upload his pics and haras me and other people s0 plz block this account permanent

  16. Someone created a fake account on my frnd name and upload his pics and haras me and other people s0 plz block this account permanent

  17. Hi I’m Aniket. Someone named krishna Gopal Dutta is creating fake id continuously to disfame my friend’s girlfriend. Would you like to help me in this case?

          1. Someone is stealing pictures and posting them on Facebook how can we permanently deactivate account

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  20. i need your help sir… someone has copied all my frns link and he is using fake account of mine…He is using that link and sending request to them…what i can do..? plz help me.. plz

  21. Sir plz help me any one create my bhbi fack account plzz delt the account in fb ,sir plz give ur contact nbr prsonalyy I wanna talk wit u plllzzz help this matter goes to divorce for bhi & bhbi plz help mee I kindly recvest uuuu

  22. Do you suspect your partner might be cheating on you?
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  23. Fb.com/aleesha.khokar ….pls help me to delete this account permanently…this account is hacked pls suggest better way to delete it

  24. Hi sir. Someone created an account using my name and keeps on sending photos of me to my friends. The poser account is temporarily deactivated right now but I want it to be permanently deleted. Help me pls. 🙁

  25. Someone make fake accounts and put my photos on it Please help my friend. Sir Please deactivate this account permanently I’ll be highly obelized to you.
    https:// m.facebook.com/uma.singh.108889?refid=46&sld=

  26. Someone make fake accounts and put my friend’s photos on it Please help my friend.
    Sir Please deactivate this account permanently I’ll be highly obelized to you.
    https:// m.facebook.com/uma.singh.108889?refid=46&sld=

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      1. Hello sir please help Me.my wife fb is hack .he is change email idi and pasword .please delete this accounthttps://www.facebook.com/mallika.manandhar.5

  28. Need a hacker? I was in a bit of a tough spot and didn’t know what to do until a friend recommended this guy jonah Asher at thewhitehathacker09@gmail.com or text him om +1(8283677582). I was pleased with his professionalism and thoroughly satisfied with how he handled it. He’s your guy if you need one,does from facebook,gmail,yahoo,hotmail,school score upgrade,bank jobs,cloning phones,credit card hacks as well as blank atm’s,make as much as $20,000 dude’s kinda picky though so make sure of the reference.Amir referred you.You’re welcome

  29. There is this person, who harasses a lot of young girls, many of my friends have been victim. He posts a lot of pics of himself with some celebrities to show that he is close to higher ups but all he does with his two facebook ids is harassing young girls. He hounds them 24 x 7, is always online and even extracts money from them. Three of my friends had to go away from facebook for him. It seems there is no help, some one suggested us to report to facebook he was blocked for a few days and then was back to business. His pictures with celebrities work as his shield, when one girl blocks him, he turns to another. Wish just wish some one would send him away from facebook for good.

  30. Hy please help me this account is fake https://www.facebook.com/shilpa.rajpal.50 and made by guy who ask for naked pics pretendeing to be girl and he had mine aswell others nude pics recently i saw pictures that he is using of girl on Internet u can see that and now iam so scared and depressed i reported that account and so many other to but this accout is still there please help me if u helped me brother i will always greatful to u plzz im seriously crying please make facebook delete this account i cnat do any thing any more

  31. Hi Rohit
    Some one created my Fake FB account with my name and my pic and giving the frend request to my frendlist and messaging them improper content , i compalint it to Facebook team but they replied we can not do anything . I have given them my Identity proof but they replied sorry we cant do anything . The fake account link is

    please help me . He/she is using my family pics also

  32. My girlfriend is a big time cheat and i was able to confirm that through the help of https://www.facebook.com/Therohitchoudhary

    I contacted him to help me hack into my girlfriend social media (Facebook,call log,imessage.Gmail and also whatsapp)
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  33. Sir Rohit
    Someone made my brother 1 fake accounts on facebook
    He uplode profile pic of brother and name of brother
    Can you delete that fake account
    Plz help me .
    From that fake he send dirty msges and pics to our reletives

  34. Hi Rohit,

    Can you provide me with an email address so that I can contact you regarding an issue I have been facing with social media., and would like your opinion on it. Attached with this comment form is my email address so drop me a message, please.

    Look forward to a response.

      1. Hello dear,

        Someone make fack account of fb and using mine and mine friend pic. And it’s really so embarrassing me . I reported so many times on fb but not successful. I really need your help for removing my & my friend pictures. Pls pls pls

        Reagrds .

  35. Hello Admin,
    Can you please help me? My ex bf current girlfriend is posting shit/private pictures about me and won’t stop. She even spread those to my friends can you help me delete/hack her account?

      1. Hello can you help me this girl made a profile quanasia cohen it has pictures of me and she has me blocked me she’s been my enemy for 10 years or more but now she’s out of hand harassing me and taking stuff from our common friend and photochopping

  36. my old I’d is haked …and missusing …plz plz delete the account however

    I’d link is.


    I don’t remember id and password. bcz password is changed

  37. Hey sir 1 of my friend sent a pic and he told me to send this pic via messenger in my chat then i sent this image to him via messenger now my Facebook account is blocked forever i am not able to like share comment any of the post sir please help me out from this situation sir please

  38. Hi there, im really needing help as someone keeps sending really rude messages in my name that are really inappropriate. help please!!!!!

  39. Hi Rohit,
    Hello sir.. Please help me.. Someone created a fake account of my name.. I reported on that account, but it still not deleted. Could you please help me to remove that fake account from facebook.
    I will provide you the link if you can help me.
    Many thanks

  40. Some has make a fake account from my name and he or she is using my photos .. Can u plzz help me out..
    however had made that fake account is using some really abuse word on me.

  41. Hi, Someone hacked my friends’ facebook id. hacker already changed all data like phone number, mail address everything. It hacked by a professional hacker. we are trying to recover by submitting report in facebook. but are unable to recover it. there were so many confidential information.
    this is my friends id

      1. Someone has created a fake account and is disturbing me a lot. Can u plz help me by deleting this account= /ArnabM0ndal.5012

  42. “Hello! Please help us. Two people removed all my members in a group chat. they are so cruel. please help us! Thanks. They are also posers.”

    lol its your problem.
    get away from FB .

  43. Hii.. Some one using a fake account is continuously harrasing my friend and black mailing him and telling him to meet with him in certain isolate place but this can be harmful so i wnt to knw about the user of that fake account… How can i do this?? Plz help me to solve this problem…(https://m.facebook.com/home.php?_rdr) here is the link to that account…

  44. A lot of this is self explanatory and in my case I already filed a complaint with Facebook for the fake account but Facebook didn’t take actions. What is there to do if you have reported a fake account but Facebook decided not to take any actions? What about other social media sites? At least one of my friends also reported this profile which is how I found out when they contacted me to tell me that there is someone with a profile claiming to be me.

    1. Hi Jason,
      I have a very serious problem with one fake account.
      My sister’s life is in danger.
      I have shared the link through messanger to you by going to the above mentioned link.
      Kindly help in closing that fake account.


    2. Hi Jason,
      A guy created one fake account on my sisters name and uploaded her photos.
      My sister is in danger now. I have shared the link to you in the above mentioned link.

      Please help in closing that account.

  45. Please sir i need a great help
    There is this boy who was my friend , and he has some of my pictures
    He is blackmailing me
    What can i do

  46. Hi Rohit..
    i don’t have facebook account. Someone has open my fake account and sending friend request to my friends. wanted to delete. Can u plzzz help me..

  47. Somebody has made my friends fake fb account as she doesn’t have any account and also uploading unusual photos.. Kindly help..??

  48. hiii this is fake account not mine pls delete this accounthttps://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=108693339973845&set=a.108693376640508.1073741826.100024995381220&type=3

  49. sir anyone creat my sister fake fb account please help me to remove that account
    ANY HELP TO CONTACT ME ON my personal mobile number :9519819739

  50. Hi,
    A person hacked my husband email and got all my photos and created a fake facebook account. That person used my details in the account to find and my friends. Now sending mail and blackmailing that she will upload my photos and destroy. Could you please help to block this account?

  51. hi sir,
    some person created a fake account on my name and send friend request to all of my friends and chatting with them like me i told all my friends to unfriend from that account lot of persons did the same but continuing like this is problem to my family life because that person add some boys also to that fake account that will create issuese between me and my husband so please block that account

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