Cyber Security Essentials

Cyber Security Essentials to Teach Employees Using a Mobile Spy App

Any small or large business enterprise deals with valuable data, guaranteed, is on at least one hacker’s hit list anywhere in the world. However, being a target does not mean that businesses should become easy victims of data breach. By taking some basic steps, like using mobile spy app, antivirus, avoiding public Wi-Fi and others, employers can educate their employees on how to prevent cyber security threats while they use mobile devices to go about business as usual.

Two-Factor Authentication

This means that users use a username and password to access any sensitive detail. Many businesses and banks that rely on emails and logging into their portal use the two-factor authentication method. It helps protect sensitive information by sending a code to the user’s cell phone via SMS. This makes sure of the person’s identity before authorizing access to sensitive data.

Use Only Secure Websites for Downloads

Free software is available on various sites online, but you cannot rely on all of them. You have to encourage employees to make sure they use only secure sites. If employees do not take caution, spyware or malware can come along with downloads, allowing hackers to access and steal personal data to infiltrate company secrets.

Discourage Employees from Clicking Unknown Links

Spam emails are something no one can avoid. They redirect you to specific websites where hackers are waiting for a weak system. This sort of problem is much more common than people realize it to be. Even technology savvy people become easy victims of tricks hackers play. Discourage your employees from clicking on random sites. Ask them to click only on links that are reliable resources.

Discourage Using Public Wi-Fi Networks

Companies often issue mobile devices to employees for better productivity. This enables them to work around the clock, even on the go face one major problem. As employees use public wireless hotspots, they ignorantly open a door for hackers to infiltrate their personal data. Employers should educate their staff about making sure they only use legit Wi-Fi. Discourage them from working and sharing sensitive information while they connect to a public Wi-Fi network. An important tip is to use sites that only have prefix https:// when they submit sensitive information. This prefix denotes that the data transferred will be in encrypted and secure. Generally, using your own mobile network is a preferable solution, and companies should consider subscribing to it for the convenience and safety of their workers.

Use Secure Mobile Devices

It’s no new information that whatever mobile device you use, you have to protect it. Installing anti-viruses and other monitoring apps is an essential way to begin. Using the latest and up-to-date mobile security apps, operating system, browsers, and other apps are the key to securing online activity. Encourage your employees to use strong passcodes and passwords. Try using touch identity to lock the devices.

Educate Them about Safety on Social Platforms

Pouring out company secrets on social sites is the worst mistake employees can make. It damages the company’s public image and invites hackers to use all possible methods of invading your account. You can change settings on Facebook and Twitter to hide updates and the friend list to maintain enough privacy.

Use Mobile Spy App to Screen Mobile Activity

With a mobile spy app, employers can make sure their workers comply with the company’s policies. They can screen all incoming and outgoing emails, SMS, and chats on different internet messengers. Employers can track the browser history, call logs, and GPS locations of the places visited by employees. They can screen installed apps, social media activity via Facebook messenger and on Tinder too. By gaining remote control of the device, they can lock it, take screen shots, block unwanted contacts, block unwanted apps, and turn on the recorder to listen to ambient discussions. In extreme case of lost device or misplaced device, employers can wipe off data to protect their data from falling into wrong hands.

In this digital age, all businesses must take necessary measures to protect their data online. Cyber threats are getting worse with time, but with modern technology, protecting their business is also becoming affordable and easier.

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