Create logo online

Create logo online and upload in Blogger

Bored of texts in your header ?? Are you using blogger platform for your site ??Texts that you give as a title and description must be appearing there in the header of site.But,it doesn’t looks cool.So,you need to make a custom logo and upload it in your site.

Create logo online

How to Create logo online and upload in Blogger ??

If you know Adobe Photoshop then not a problem at all but if not then in more easy way you can create your logo. Actually i am talking about creating your logo online.

In my personal experience the most east way one can create a logo on as well

This is a wonderful site where thousands of designs are available here you can create logo online. After you create logo online you need to download it .

Upload downloaded logo in Blogger follow these steps :

1. Go to your blogger dashboard.

2. Click on layout.

3. click on edit option of  header area.

4 . Click on choose files and upload your logo.

5. check instead of title and description.

6. Click save changes. can enjoy your custom logo in blogger site..

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