Crack windows Password using Software


Hello guys as I already posted a tutorial to break windows password without using any software. But guys in this tutorial I am going to use a software called CD-konboot-v1.1-2in1 to break the admin password. May you have any one ask a question why I am using a software? even I already knows to break password with commands, so the region is that some time commands is not functioning properly it generates some errors or some time’s many of user forget the some command’s at that time you are in trouble, so to recover this type of problem it is better  to every one have knowledge about both of them.

Guys  in my views it is an awesome software to crack the admin password, because this software only perform 1 -2 steps to break the password the size of this software is also very less you can easily find on the net to download it and use. Now guys this all about theory now its demo time…


Step 1 :- First download CD-konboot-v1.1-2in1.iso    


Step 2 :- Now what can you do you write this software in blank CD using any burning software, as I recommended nero is one of best software to burn cd’s so it better to use nero or what ever you want to use for burning.

Step 3 :- After step 2 now insert that cd into CD/DVD Rom and then restart you system. Then that cd automatically start to run on your system and break your admin password in 2 steps.


Note :- After restart your system if your cd is not start to run successfully then go to  boot menu of your system and set the boot priority CD/DVD Rom at first priority to boot the system and save the setting then restart your system.




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