CMD commands to hide a folder

CMD commands to hide a folder or file


Hi guys Today in this tutorial, I am going to share very useful Miami Dolphins Jerseys CMD : commands to hide a folder or file. In this trick, ヘンリー塚本 I’ll show you how to Hide a Folder or File using CMD. cheap NFL jerseys In this trick there is no software is required you just use some basic Sell cmd commands to hide a folder or file. let me show you how to do this with some simple steps..

Step 1 :- First  open Cmd

Here I am going to use my ways2hack folder to hide, which is present inside the ‘G:’ drive in my laptop.

C:\users\mukesh>G:  (command How to get inside into G drive)


 This is a folder ways2hack which I am going to hide


 Now goto your cmd and type

Step 2 :- type the attrib command wholesale NFL jerseys in cmd

      Blog              attrib ways2hack +s +h

 After using this command we will see that the folder is hidden from cheap NBA jerseys the ‘G:\’ drive


Step 3 :- Then how we can see hidden folder it’s very easy simply type this command

                 attrib ways2hack –s –h


Here the folder ways2hack is appear


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