choose optimized keywords

Choose optimized Keywords for your website

Are websites new for you ?? Are You planning to start a blog to share your valuable ideas to the world ??

Here i am going to tell you to do the things you must do to before starting a blog.

Choose optimized keywords

if you are going to start your must want that your blog have decent visitors. And for having visitors for your blog is that you must choose optimized keywords regarding the idea on which you are starting a blog.Try to choose keywords in a phrase and up to 4 to 5 words long.

Keywords must reflect your blog’s identity.Remember this is the only way you can get traffic for your blog.

For example : If i would like to start a blog on making money ideas…My keyword should be like this : Make money online (if you are willing to write on online money making).

I think you must have gotten some ideas how to choose keywords  for your first blog.

Then after the things come for choosing domain names and other processes.i will discuss these things in future posts.

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