Best Android Tablets

Buyer’s Guide to Finding the Best Android Tablets

when it comes to Android tablets, they vary in sizes and quality. Identifying and picking the best one that provides value for money is definitely worth a purchase. Android tablets are a bit like iPads save for the difference of the operating system that runs on them. Android today, has more devices running on its operating system than iOS. Review Radar has shown us why the latest version – the Android 7 Nougat is quite popular. The truth is that most tablets still come in Android 6 Marshmallow or even older versions.

Here are a couple of things to look out for when in the market for the best Android Tablets in the market.

  1. Size

When it comes to choosing an Android tablet, the screen size is a big consideration. There are all kinds of screen sizes from 7- inches to 13-inches. Android tablets that have an 8 or 10-inches screen are more popular as they are seen as a compromise between usability and portability. When you purchase a tablet with a bigger screens size, you are also increasing the weight of the device that you will carry around. If you’re unsure of the amount of weight that you should carry around, a good number is 450 kg and anything higher than this will be uncomfortable.


  1. Storage

For storage capacity, 16GB is ideal as the minimum that you should target. If you decide to go higher too, that is quite good. Android tablets are not like the iPad as they tend to have a microSD slot that allows you to increase the storage capacity. So you have more space to store more files and applications


  1. Type of Display

For tablets, you can buy a 10-inch tablet with a poor picture resolution. Look out for IPS screens or AMOLED screens. Tablets with TN screen tend to have a poor viewing angle which can frustrate you when streaming videos.

  1. Features

There are a lot of features that make an Android tablet. Some come with NFC, which comes in handy once a while, but it’s not as important as Bluetooth. You also need a video output which is how you connect your tablet to your TV (usually via a HDMI). But, if you don’t want to go through the stress, you can purchase an Android tablet with a Google Chromecast that will allow you to watch TV and other popular internet video services. GPS feature is also quite important as it ensures you never experience problems with navigation. A SIM slot is also important for those who travel a lot or for instances when you get out of the Wi-Fi range. The camera and the megapixels should be checked as well. Do you want a tablet with both front and rear camera and what kind of megapixels do you want? Android tablets have advanced picture clarity and configurations that will make iPad owners jealous

  1. Performance and Battery

Check here for the processor speed, RAM and battery life. These will ensure how good a performance your tablet will be in the long run. You can also check out the battery life so you know how long each tablet will last between charges. Most Android tablets can last anything from 5 hours to 9 hours depending on the applications used on it and for how long.

  1. Use

Finally, how you intend the Android device will determine the one you choose. For general home use – for web browsing and listening to music, you definitely don’t need high-end tablets. But if you intend using it for work as a business machine, you should go for an Android tablet of at least 9-inches screen or larger. If you plan to use the tablet for gaming, you can also look at tablets built around Nvidia’s Tegra K1 quad-core mobile processor which is quite fast and offers a balance between portability and power.

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