Hello Friends today I am going to share a Some basic commands of “CMD”. These commands helps you a lot in hacking purpose. Basically I discuss about various network related commands [ping,  netstat, net view, getmac] and few definitions cum settings. Ok let see how to use these command…


First open your “CMD” then use these following commands..

  1. Ping command

The Ping command is used to know the ip address of any site.

Ex..   ping


  1. Net View

This command is used to know how many system are connected with your network at a time.


  1. Getmac

This command is use to know the mac/physical address of any computer.


94-39-E5-AA-8B-9B is my physical address of my system. And this address is permanent address it can’t be changed.


  1. Netstat

Netstat command is used to show detailed network status information. 



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