Acunetix web vulnerability scanner

Acunetix web vulnerability scanner

In this tutorial, i will show you that how to use Acunetix web vulnerability scanner to find vulnerabilities in a website. Before using the Acunetix Web Vulnerability, Let me explain little bit about Acunetix Web Vulnerability. Acunetix is a web application security scanning technology. Acunetix Web Vulnerability Scanner includes many innovative features. Such as Depth SQl injection, cross site Scripting, Advanced penetration testing tools, HTTP Editor, Full HTML5 Support with Acunetix DeepScan Technology.

Recently, It has added an advanced feature to test the enumerates valid WordPress usernames using various techniques. It has also added a test for weak WordPress passwords for the usernames identified during the scan.


 Step 1 :-

 first download the Acunetix Web Vulnerbility and install it. you can download from the given link below.


Step 2 :- Now it will automatically added in the firefox menu. from there you can use all the features of Acunetix Web Vulnerbility.

Acunetix web vulnerability scanner



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