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5 ways of showcasing value from digital marketing campaigns

Here are 5 great tips from a top digital marketing agency in Colchester, showing how to maximise your digital marketing during the recession.

There’s no avoiding the coming recession, so what’s your business planning to do about it? Batten down the hatches, put a halt to all digital marketing and try to ride it out? Or do you intend to throw your entire available budget at your marketing team and pray for a miracle?

We’re here to tell you that neither of those extremes is the right approach. You can steal a march on your competitors simply by planning ahead a little. A limited budget can go a long way if you use it wisely and there are quite a few things you can do yourself, that won’t cost a penny.

1. Make use of social media

Whether you choose to use the services of the top digital marketing agency in Colchester, or you prefer to try it yourself, an active social media campaign is a must. Lockdown forced everyone to communicate via social media channels, so it’s something that businesses simply can’t afford to ignore. But never, ever post anything without double-checking that it won’t cause offence to anyone. Even a momentary lapse of concentration can lead to unwanted, negative publicity. So if in doubt, don’t post it!

2. Generate goodwill for your brand

It doesn’t matter how much you spend on a digital marketing campaign if people don’t like your brand. These days, it’s all too easy to say or do the wrong thing. And further to our previous point, once negative publicity gets online, it never really goes away. So make sure you’re creating the right image with everything that you say and do. Keep in mind that companies that are seen to be caring and community-minded are generating endless amounts of priceless goodwill in the process. By the same token, brands seen to be profiteering in the current climate won’t survive.

3. Great time for PPC

The cost of PPC is actually coming down at the moment. So now is a really good time to think about investing in it, helping to draw interested and motivated potential customers straight to your products or services.

4. Ramp up your SEO

If your site isn’t high up in organic search results, it might as well not exist. Even if you cut back on every other aspect of your digital marketing, this is the one that you simply can’t afford to miss out on.

5. Refresh your website content

Make sure that your website shows the ways in which your business is keeping employees and customers safe, if appropriate. Regularly updated content reassures visitors that your site is still relevant. A clear FAQ section should answer any questions they might have about how your business operates during these difficult times.

Follow these simple suggestions, and you’ll find your business manages to keep on top of the competition at this critical time.

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