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5 Future Camera Technologies that will change how we take photos

Technology has been evolving for so many years. We find a new upgrade almost every day in technological devices like smartphones, smart TVs, tablets, smartwatches and cameras. Whether we talk about entry level cameras or professional gear for photography, everything is getting more advanced day by day.

The camera technology used in digital cameras has gone to another level of advancement and more amazing features are expected in near future. The low-light performance, ISO levels, strong high resolution lenses and great zooming quality are currently making the digital camera market stand strong. What more can you expect from cameras in future which will change how we take photos? Find out in this article.

Here are 5 future camera technologies advancements that will renew photography styles:

Shooting Pictures in Dark

Isn’t this amazing? We will be able to take photos in dark without using special night-vision cameras. This is going to take camera tech and photography to another level. Canon is going to release a 35mm camera with ISO of 4M. With this camera we will be able to shoot pictures in dark without the need of any filter effects.

If you see the sky in nighttime, you will realize there are various colors other than black and white. These colors appear especially during sunrise and sunset. Canon’ new camera would be able to shoot clear pictures in lowest light. This camera technology isn’t much affordable for common people. Unfortunately ME20F-SH camera would cost $30,000 at its release in the market. Maybe, after it is released the price will go down in sometime.

No More Shutter Buttons

Have you ever thought about shooting photos just by blinking your eyes or giving instructions?

There is a camera named Iris which is going to have both eye and biometric detecting tech. The shutter buttons will be gone and new sensors in cameras will enable you to shoot pictures with just the movement of your eyes and voice instructions. This camera technology is under development for now. The time is near when you will zoom into the subject simply by squinted eyes. With this advancement, you won’t need to hold heavy cameras for long. A set up on the tripod will be enough to shoot images without even touching the camera.

Auto Photo Tags

When we take photos, we first upload them to our social media accounts and then tag them. Adding tags for locations, family members and friends will no longer be so time consuming as cameras will have automatic tagging inbuilt in them soon.

A Scene Detect software is already being created by Qualcomm which will identify the faces and places in photos. It will provide meta tags for all the pictures you will shoot. In this manner, when you will upload a picture the information will be there automatically.

It will be amazing to upload all your pictures without any extra input. It will not only be useful for online photo tags it will also help you to manage and document your photo albums in your personal storage systems.

Light-Field Cameras

No matter which camera you use the most important thing while shooting an image is how well you can focus the subject or shift the focus around its surroundings. Lytro has created a new light-field camera which will save you from the troubles you have with focus settings. Now you will be able to shoot photos and choose the focus later while you edit them. These Lytro cameras are going to be so well equipped that they will be able to capture absolutely all the things within its range.

There are special Lytro kits in the market which cost $20,000 on annual subscriptions. These kits are used by huge companies like NASA to capture pictures of space. Let’s see if these cameras will become common and affordable for photographers in near future.


Scento-graphy may sound impossible to most people right now but this kind of camera is being produced by Amy Radcliffe from the University of Arts, London. This camera is right now a prototype and called as Madeleine. With this camera technology, we will be able to capture smells in photos. Wouldn’t that enhance our memories so much more? It is said that fragrances have direct links with our emotional feelings regarding a moment. We associate our memories with audios and videos right now; linking our memories with scents will be something extraordinary. Sharing the pictures of travel trips and delicious food will become something so special in near future.

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