4 Ways to Keep App Users Engaged

Once you get users to download your app, it’s all about keeping them there, as your mobile app development company in Michigan will tell you.

It’s all too easy to think that getting a lot of new users is the measure of mobile app success. However, after acquiring users, you must engage and retain them to get real benefits from your app.

On Boarding That’s Efficient

It sounds simple enough, yet many apps lack an efficient onboarding process. This process should be as intuitive and simple as possible–the harder it is to use your app, the more likely users are to leave it. Some simple ways to make this process easier include reducing the number of steps needed to sign up or create an account and the inclusion of multiple registration options, such as Facebook or Google.

Use of Push Notifications

Research has shown that users who have some level of personalized interaction with a brand are more likely to return for future sessions. It’s like being in a physical store and being personally acknowledged–if you were ignored in a store, you’re probably not likely to go back. An interaction on your app can be as simple sending a push notification to welcome users or offering useful information.

Go with In-App Messaging

The more your app is aligned with your users’ preferences and needs, the more likely those users are to continue using it. In-app messaging is often something users need and want, and it should be part of your app experience.

In-app messages are important notifications that don’t require immediate action. These may include warnings about issues the app is or will be experiencing, version upgrades or payment failures.

Keep in mind that not all of your messages will be relevant to every user. Segmenting the audience will help you ensure users are only receiving the information that is valuable to them. Some apps leverage capabilities on a device, such as location, to reach users with tailored messages, such as links to personalized content and real-time updates.

Encourage Communication That Goes Two Ways

Consumers want to build brand relationships—in short, they want to feel appreciated and valued. This is exactly why opening the line for two-way communication is vital to your app’s longevity and success. You can’t know what your users want if you are not receiving their feedback.

Another benefit of two-way communication in an app is the ability to learn about issues before you’ve got negative reviews flooding your app on the store. This gives you the chance to address the problem before it affects more downloads. Being responsive and addressing the concerns and questions of users will help boost engagement, encourage positive reviews, keep your retention rates high, and foster brand loyalty over the long term.

Your mobile app may very well be the first interaction a person has directly with your brand, so it’s important to get it right. Contact a mobile app development company in Michigan today.

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