Best All-in-One Printer Reviews

Epson v/s HP Printers- Best All-in-One Printer Reviews

The all-in-one or the multifunctional printers have flooded the market and have become a popular choice among the printer buyers. People no longer want to spend their money in buying devices with individual functionalities. With an all-in-one printer, you will be able to scan and copy your documents along with performing the usual printing job.

Among all the printer manufacturers out there, Epson and HP are known to manufacture one of the most technically advanced printers. Choosing between either of the two giants can be a tough job for the buyers. In order to make the task easier for you, I am going to give a comparison between both these printer manufacturing companies on basis of a few points.


  • Print Quality of Texts


If printing on plain-paper documents and taking photo prints is what you do then this point is of your interest. HP printers are known to produce a very high-quality of text prints. When the output was compared with the Epson printers, those produced by the HP printers were much better. This doesn’t mean that all the Epson models falter in terms of text print quality.

While printing the PDF documents, there is often a difference between the quality of the texts and the graphics that are produced. All the HP models performed great on this aspect whereas the Epson models faltered. The texts which got printed were not clear. However, a few of the Epson models performed well, but not all.


Winner: HP


  • Comparison of Print Speeds


When the print speeds of both the HP and Epson models were compared with respect to text documents they clocked at an average speed of 8.6 ppm and 7.9 ppm respectively. The fastest model of Epson managed a speed of 9.9 ppm whereas the HP model produced 9.1 ppm. While printing graphics, Epson came out as trumps. When the fastest printers of both the companies were compared, the speed of the Epson printer was nearly double than that of HP. With respect to glossy-photo printing, HP was a little ahead.


Winner: Tie


  • Scan and Copy Quality


The HP models produced the best color output on a plain paper. The transitions were pretty smooth and details were also very fine. The copies that were generated by the Epson models were somewhat light. The scans of texts that were done to PDF appeared to be rough around the edges. A few models of Epson were not able to perform a preview scan.


Winner: HP


  • Cost Associated With Ink


It doesn’t matter if you invest in a low price printer because the costs that are associated with replacing the ink will add up. However, this will totally depend on the print jobs that are carried by you on a daily basis. In terms of printing text pages, Epson will out beat HP. The costs of printing color pages are also quite similar. Even here, the Epson models perform better. In terms of using the standard ink cartridges, the results are the same.


Winner: Epson


  • Handling Paper


If you are among those who keep on changing the type of paper for printing then it would be better to buy a printer that has two input trays. This is necessary because you will have to swap the media out regularly. Epson XP- 640 is able to print the two sided documents at a much faster pace when compared with any model. The Epson models come with a touch screen that is pretty handy to use.


Winner: Epson


In The End

Both the printer manufacturers performed good in the different departments. While Epson performed well in handling paper, HP impressed with the overall quality of prints which were produced. Choosing a clear winner on all the aspects is tough decision to make. In the end, it will come down to the user as to what are his requirements and expectations from the printer.

So, before choosing an all-in-one printer model between from any of these companies just have a look at the points which are showcased in this article. I hope that these will prove to be quite beneficial for you in making the right decision. As buying a printer is a significant investment, it better be right.



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